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GM Efstratios Grivas – Interview – How to be a Grandmaster Series – Video #2

Efstratios Grivas is a Greek Chess Grandmaster who is also a FIDE International Arbiter as well as a FIDE Senior Trainer. Besides his outstanding FIDE rating that is hovering around 2500 he is more famously known both for his books and his cutting edge tactical techniques. Estratios Grivas is frequently cited as being one of the best chess trainer’s in the world. One of his most famous books, “The Grivas Sicilian” is one of the most popular books in chess and explores his variation of the popular opening.

How to be a Grandmaster Series

People always want to know how Grandmaster’s achieved the extraordinary feat of becoming a GrandMaster. I noticed most Grandmaster interview’s focus more on recent and upcoming tournament’s and do not focus on how they became a GrandMaster.

Talent and hard work but what else?

While most people assume that becoming a GrandMaster is simply a formula of natural talent and hard work, we’ve discovered there is more to the secret formula. Our interview series hopes to unlock these “GrandMaster Secrets” so we can learn to not only work harder, but smarter as well.

Video interviews, Audio interview and more

Our GrandMaster Interview series includes both audio and video interviews on our YouTube as well as text interviews with corresponding games on our site. We hope you enjoy these grandmaster interviews. Comments are appreciated and if you have questions you’d like to ask future grandmasters, let us know.

By Chess Coach Will Stewart (USCF 2256, FIDE 2234). Follow William on Facebook and Twitter

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