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[FREE] IM Lilov Reveals How to Win Where Others Only Draw!

We’ve got a great giveaway for you today. One that will help you go from “good” to “great”!

Ever wondered what it is that separates the champions from those in 2nd place?

More than anything else, it’s the ability to squeeze victories out of games others would only draw.

Now IM Valeri Lilov is going to show you how to master this technique in this free chapter from his new Practical Endgames for the Club Player:

Click here to download V for Victory!

Here’s how this lesson will help you:

  • All about activity. You may have heard that activity is more important than material… IM Lilov teaches you to actually think this way with lucid explanation of some miraculous wins.
  • Timing beats speed. Don’t rush in the endgame… until you have to! Valeri reveals how to prepare, build, then strike like a cobra!
  • Power up your pieces: Want the magic formula for powerful pieces? Think worst pieces, best squares, least number of moves. IM Lilov explains how to make this work in practice.

As you can see, these skills are invaluable in any situation. But it’s easiest to master them in the endgame first.

Click here to download V for Victory!

[NEW] Become an Endgame Expert with IM Lilov!

Picture the scene: It’s the last round of a tournament. You have 3.5 points from 4 rounds; your rival has 4.

After hours of tough play, you take a slight edge into the endgame.

In 20 moves, one of you will be handed the trophy and presented with the winner’s cheque. Whether that’s you or him depends on how you conduct those 20 moves.

Make sure that, when the time comes, you have the skills to squeeze every last half-point from your games with IM Lilov’s 6 hour Practical Chess Endgames for Club Players, the first volume of our new Endgame Renaissance series.

As the name suggests, Practical Endgames is entirely focused on the type of positions you encounter in real play.

You will learn how to think in the endgame; how to make progress in tricky positions and how to coordinate your pieces like a master.

And, to celebrate the launch, your copy is half-price:

Click here to get Practical Endgames for Club Players!

Get the kind of confidence that comes from knowing you know how to deal with any situation, no matter how unusual.

Here are some of things IM Lilov covers:

  • Trading places. A win can turn into a loss with one seemingly equal trade. Learn how to glimpse potential futures and discover creative ways to win like Kramnik’s Rxc6! against Ivanchuk!
  • Pieces before pawns. Pawn moves are permanent – you can’t move them back! Valeri explains how to place your pieces properly first so your pawns become an unstoppable force.
  • Crowning the queen. Promotion is a major aim in the endgame and success here depends on the quality not the quantity of pawns. IM Lilov reveals a ton of sneaky – and difficult to stop – ways to get a new queen on the board.

Master skills in the endgame, apply them in any phase.

Click here to get Practical Endgames for Club Players for half-price!

And you get all the usual goodies like the complete PGN, course summary and practical test to help you get the most from the material.

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