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Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana – GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana – GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Vishy Anand is already 48 years old. He became India’s first Grandmaster in 1988. Many chess enthusiasts claim that he is far too old to compete with the world’s best chess players. However, Anand repeatedly convinces us of the opposite. He is the current World Rapid Chess Champion and with an Elo rating close to 2800, he is a constant member of the top 10 rating list.

Today, GM Eugene Perelshteyn investigates a game in which Vishy Anand crushes Fabiano Caruana, another Super-Grandmaster in the top 10 rating list. We’ll see that the “Tiger of Madras” still has sharp teeth. Let’s take a look at the free chess video:

Wijk aan Zee 2018: Anand, Vishy (2767) – Caruana, Fabiano (2811) Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana - GM Eugene Perelshteyn

The game we’re looking at is a recent game from the strong 2018 Tata Steel Masters – a 14-player single round-robin taking place from 13-28 January. With chess giants like Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Svidler participating in the tournament, the average rating of all 14 players was 2750. Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana - GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Finally, Magnus Carlsen won the tournament in the tiebreaks against Anish Giri. Still, Vishy Anand played a strong tournament, scoring 8/13 with wins against GM Maxim Matlakov, GM Gawain Jones, GM Hou, Yifan and GM Fabiano Caruana and only one loss against GM Vladimir Kramnik.

We take a look at the game after Vishy’s 13th move – 13.f3 (see the diagram on the right). The game started as a Petroff Defense – a calm and safe opening for Black against 1.e4 which was played quite a few times in the tournament.

Caruana’s knight on e4 is hanging in the position at hand, but he simply plays the cool move – 13…Bg6. Due to the fact that Caruana spent only seconds to come up with this move, it is very likely that all this was home preparation. The big question is: Can Anand simply take the knight on e4 for free?

No, Caruana didn’t blunder a piece. Black’s idea is that after 14.fxe4? Bxe5! (threatening …Bxd4+) 15.dxe5 dxe4 16.Bxe4 Qd4+, Black has a triple attack on White’s king, the bishop on e4 and the rook on a1 (see the diagram on the left). It is the weak d4-square which forces White to go for another continuation. Hence, Anand played 14.c5! which is the best move in the position. Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana - GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Surprisingly, it seems like Caruana wasn’t prepared for this move as he started to invest a lot of time for the next moves. Anand managed to outplay Caruana and with great technique, he finished Caruana off. GM Eugene Perelshteyn analyses the whole game in detail in the free chess video. Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana - GM Eugene Perelshteyn

However, we need to show Anand’s brilliant move which ended the game (see the diagram on the right).

In the position at hand, Caruana is already lost. His two rooks are on passive squares (especially the rook on g8) and his king is in great danger. Anand continued with 41.Be5, piling up pressure on g7, 41…Qc4. This is a clever move by Caruana. He wants to exchange queens in order to reach an endgame which would most likely end in a draw. Anand, of course, must not exchange queens. But where to go with the queen?

If Anand’s stays on the 7th rank and plays 42.Qa7?, for example, Black can even win the game after 42…Rxe5, followed by …Qf4+.

In the game, Anand didn’t move his queen at all. He went for the extremely cool 42.Rd6! and Caruana immediately resigned. Obviously, Black can’t take White queen in view of Rxh6 mate. Also a move like 42…Kh7 (avoiding the pin) would run into a mate in two – 43.Qg6+ Kh8 44.Qxh6 mate.

With his finishing move, Anand even earned applause from Magnus Carlsen via Twitter:

Magnus Carlsen congratulates Vishy Anand to his winning move via Twitter.

Conclusion – Free Chess Video: Anand Destroys Caruana

We saw an impressive game by Anand who completely destroyed Caruana. A funny fact which you might not know is that in 1993, the year Fabiano Caruana was born, Anand was already number 4 in the world with a rating of 2700. This shows us that Anand is around for a really long time and he still performs at the highest level.

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