Double Rooks… Double Trouble! – Presented by FM Alisa Melekhina

Alisa final round head shotDoubled rooks on the second-rank create a synergistic effect that allows players to harness their power and control the course of the game. FM Alisa Melekhina builds on fundamental stacked rook techniques and draws on three of her own tournament games against 2300+ opposition to demonstrate how to leverage potential mating nets and second-rank sweeps. The viewer will come away with a recognition of critical points in the middlegame transition phase when he or she may be faced with a decision to exchange rooks, or perhaps sacrifice material but have the option of doubling rooks on the second rank. Doubled rooks are a powerful tool that maximize the unique geometry of chess.

The video builds on the principles featured in Alisa’s “Fighting in the Endgame” video, and previews a Caro-Kann against IM Dean Ippolito from an upcoming series on “Converting Advantages”.

Click to see the interactive chess board

Alisa Melekhina is a FIDE master with one International Master Norm. She started playing at age 5 and entered her first tournament at age 7. In less than three years, she was winning prestigious international tournaments and has competed 4 times for the U.S. Women’s Championship. Alisa is currently in her third and final year of law school at the University of Pennsylvania.


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