Fall Into Chess Success This Fall!

One of the crucial ingredients to chess success for many players is high-quality, focused chess videos on openings and other phases of the game. They offer convenience and access to the wisdom of the world’s strongest grandmasters.

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Working with a chess coach is extremely helpful in directing your training, but what happens after the lesson ends? There’s no going back to repeat a topic without an additional cost.

Chess videos allow you to work at your own pace and repeat the lesson as often as you need. They complement your studies with a coach exceptionally well!

Many of our chess videos are presented by top GMs and coaches. One of the most well-known and popular is GM Simon Williams (aka the GingerGM).

Imagine how much value you would get if the cost of your chess videos was reduced by more than half! 

We’re not talking 55% or even 60% but a staggering 65% discount on almost every one of our chess videos (excluding Chessable products).

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Looking for More Than Chess Videos on Openings? Save On Chess Courses Too!

Invest in one or more chess video coaching courses focusing on all three phases of the game. Yes, there are chess videos on openings, but many more on the middlegame and endgame to boot!

No matter what your skill level, you are sure to find a course aimed at your level. Club players can improve their strategy in all three phases with The Atalik Method by IM Ekaterina Atalik.

Take a look at all of our excellent Master Method Courses and use coupon: FALL65 to save 65% instantly!

Reduced Cost But Same High Quality

Along with the high quality of all our chess videos, there is an equal emphasis on keeping the content quality to the highest standards. 

Chess players know to look deeply into what is placed before them. No matter how nice a sacrifice looks, nobody will play it if it isn’t sound.

A chess video gets its value from the amount of content you can apply to your games today! That’s what makes the 80/20 Tactics Multiplier Series so popular and effective.

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These aren’t tactics you store away in your memory, and hope you will get to play it one day. The tactics in this series are opening specific. 

The videos in this series are chess videos on openings and the most common tactics that arise within the opening.

If you play the Scotch Opening, you can learn what tactical resources are available to both sides.

Looking for a way to take down the Sicilian Defense? Then the 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: The Bb5 Sicilian by IM Lawrence Trent is what you want. 

Saving you time by focusing on an effective system you can learn in a weekend, and our Fall Sale ensures you get your hands on a copy for under $20! Less than the cost of a lot of chess books.

Use coupon: FALL65 to save 65% instantly! Off this and every other 80/20 Tactics Multiplier course with chess videos on openings, you are playing now!.

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Final Thoughts On Chess Videos for Openings and More

Learning openings from chess videos on openings is an effective and popular way to master this phase of the game.

There is no doubt we live in uncertain times that have taught us the value of making the most of our time. What is certain is you will improve as a chess player with iChess.net chess videos and save a bundle with our FALL65 Special Offer!

Don’t waste any more time and get your hands on top-notch chess instruction while saving 65%! 

Can’t decide between two of our premium Master Method Courses? With 65% Off, you don’t have to choose between them.

Save even more when you buy one of our Master Method Bundles like the GingerGM Method 01 and 02 or the Naroditsky Method 01 and 02. You can save $90! off these bundles with Coupon: FALL65

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