A Sound Strategy Ensures Opening Success

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Chess strategy in openings is the lifeblood of your success at the start of the game—the rock you build upon and your guiding light.

The number of chess openings and endless variations makes memorizing everything impossible.

That’s why to succeed at the opening and enter the middlegame confidently, a sound chess strategy is needed.

Fortunately, many have paved the way for you. A little self-knowledge combined with an understanding of your personal chess style is all you need.

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A Little Self-Knowledge Goes a Long Way

When assessing your likes and dislikes, you need to focus on where you’re at now.

You must play openings that suit your style now, not what you’d like to play.

If you know your personal style of play and choose a suitable chess strategy, the openings are easier to play. They will fit you better.

If you enjoy sharp tactics, then choosing the double-fianchetto opening would not serve you well. You’d be better off with the Danish Gambit or Scotch Opening.

the art of treating the opening stage of the game correctly and without error is basically the art of using time efficiently - time is an important chess strategy in openings
Knowing the chess strategy of your chosen openings will help you use your time more efficiently

Although your personal playing style might change over time, the importance of chess strategy in openings will remain. When it comes time to shake up your repertoire, you will know to learn the plan with the moves.

All three phases of the game are essential. Even though you are choosing an opening, look for a chess opening with many exchanges if you are strong in the endgame.

This strategy can be applied to your opening choices for both colors.

Chess Strategy – Openings for White

When considering your chess strategy in openings, keep in mind the typical middlegame and endgame positions.

The middlegames and endgames of the Catalan Opening will be a lot different from the openings with an isolated queen pawn.

The strategy in isolated queen pawn openings is based on active piece play, and in some positions, white even sacrifices the d-pawn.

In comparison, the strategy of the Catalan Opening involves much quieter maneuvering of the pieces.

If you are an aggressive player you might choose the Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian Defense and the Ponziani against 1…e5.

While mastering your chosen strategy, commit to playing one opening move with white.

This way, you will get to know the nuances of the opening in all phases and become familiar with the strategic concepts.

Chess Strategy – Openings for Black

When learning openings for black, a good strategy is to start with one chess opening to play against 1.e4 and 1.d4.

Keeping your focus on the opening strategy will allow you to choose openings that are similar in nature. You could play the Caro-Kann against 1.e4 and meet 1.d4 with the Slav Defense.

Attacking players could choose the Sicilian Defense against 1.e4 and the King’s Indian Defense against 1.d4.

There is also the option of building your repertoire based on the kingside fianchetto. The Modern Defense is a reliable opening you can play against most of white’s first moves.

Instead of 1…g6, you might prefer a queenside fianchetto with 1…b6. Also, keep in mind if you choose 1…b6, you might enjoy playing 1.b3 with white.

There are some openings you can adapt and play with both colors to cut down your opening study time. One of these chess openings is the Dutch Defense where you play 1…f5 with Black and 1…f4 with White.

Here is a game that shows how Black can generate a very fast and deadly attack against the White king.

In Conclusion

Chess strategy in openings is your key to building a good opening repertoire. A repertoire where understanding the ideas is more important than knowing the latest cutting-edge theory.

Learning chess strategy in openings matching your personal style will ensure you aren’t left floundering in the middlegame. You will know where to place your pieces and the typical attacking patterns of the chess opening.

The importance of chess strategy in openings is something many chess players neglect in favor of memorizing opening moves. Becoming familiar with the chess strategy in openings can give you an edge in the middlegame and endgame.

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