Chess Strategy: Intuition Nagivates Chaos – GM Damian Lemos

Every club player knows they need to improve their calculation, work on their evaluation and so on… but how many know how? Virtually zero.

That’s the problem… they don’t know what they don’t know, and so can’t fix it.

With Club Player’s Manifesto 2k, GM Lemos takes you through a magical mystery tour of the real chess secrets, using examples from top-level play to elevate your understanding and reprogram the way you think. And when you start thinking like a Grandmaster, you start playing like one.

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Chess Strategy & Evaluation

Evaluating positions in your games is crucial for success. Over-estimating your chances, or under-estimating your opponent’s chances, can lead you to pick the wrong strategy. It is important to identify critical moments in your games and spend enough time to deeply understand the position at hand, analyze your candidate moves, and select the best continuation.

kasparov gelfand

For example, this position arose in the game between Garry Kasparov and Boris Gelfand in Novgorod, 1997.

It is White to move. Take some time to evaluate this position, and go through your candidate moves.

Kasparov came up with a deep idea that isn’t easy, partly because there are many possible moves. When you are ready, choose which move you would play, and then continue reading below.

Our first candidate move is 15.Rc1, occupying the only open file. This move makes a lot of sense.

Another option that many players would consider is whether to advance either of the pawns in the center, but after a little evaluation of the whole position, we can see that these moves are not good yet because we have not finished developing. We should make sure we have properly developed before we launch any attacking plans.

Kasparov played 15.h4. This is a deep move, with the idea of playing h5 and h6 in order to create weaknesses in Black’s position. Let’s not forget that White also has the bishop pair – if we open the position, this will help our later attack. The h1 rook isn’t developed yet, but it has influence down the h-file as the pawn progresses.

Make sure you watch the video for a full breakdown of this move, as well as in-depth analysis of the rest of the game.

Club Player’s Manifesto 2k

GM Lemos isn’t here to teach you a few tactical tricks you may never get to use, or explain simple positional concepts you’ve heard a thousand times before.

He’s tackling the big stuff, like how to cut through the noise in complex positions, identifying the critical line in the few minutes you get per move.

These are the advanced skills that will take you to 2300-2400 FIDE. Skills that, once learned, stick with you forever.

The whole aim of the course is to not only to massively upgrade your ability to find the right moves but to make this decision-making second-nature… even in complex positions. Intuition navigates chaos. That’s when your whole game really changes and you make a quantum leap in your play.

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