Chess FM – A Review of ICC´s Chess Videos

Chess FMChess FM is an online radio program that hosts chess videos from ICC´s experienced staff that includes GMs Larry Christiansen, Boris Alterman, Joel Benjamin, Ronen Har-Zvi, Alex Yermolinsky, and Yasser Seirawan. While the Internet Chess Club initially began as the first commercial chess server all the way back in 1995, ICC has expanded into chess coaching via instructional videos.

Although there are a plethora of free chess videos available on the internet, the quality and professionalism of ICC´s veteran Grandmaster cast is unparalleled. ICC does offer daily free preview chess videos however the vast majority of their content is premium and requires an ICC membership.

Chess FM: Wide Variety of Chess Videos

Chess FMChess FM at the Internet Chess Club focuses on a very diverse range of topics for their instructional chess videos, including Boris Alterman´s series ¨Learn How To Win With GM Boris¨, GM Larry Christiansen´s classic series ¨Attack With LarryC¨, IM John Watson´s series ¨Sharpen Your Chess Sense¨, GM Ronen Har-Zvi´s excellent series on openings ¨Ronen´s Opening Survey¨, and GM Alex Yermolinsky´s extensive series ¨Every Russian Schoolboy Knows¨.

My personal favorite chess video collection offered by Chess FM at the Internet Chess Club is GM Joel Benjamin´s ¨Game of the Week¨. NM Dan Heisman also produces a very effective series for beginner chess players called ¨Improve Your Chess¨.

Chess FM also hosts colorful commentary and interviews by WGM Jennifer Shahade. Chess FM at ICC provides a fantastic service by offering high-quality chess videos for players of all levels.


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