The SuperGM Skill Set – Chess Calculation with GM Sam Shankland

If you want to succeed at the higher levels in chess, you need to develop your skill set.

Memorizing ideas is all well and good, but what really decides games is your ability. As 2018 US Chess Champion Sam Shankland points out, real games require many different skills – it’s not enough to rely on your calculation or positional understanding alone.

This video is an exclusive preview of GM Sam Shankland’s new course, The SuperGM Skill Set.

This course is all about improving your actual skill, making you a better player… instead of just being the same player with slightly more knowledge.

You will have to pause the video at critical moments and treat the positions as you would if you were playing an important game. Then comes the feedback, a 2700-rated player pointing out why some ideas work and others don’t – and how you can discern between similar options in your games.

As Sam says, “I don’t believe in passive learning… if you pause your video and think about these positions, you’re definitely going to train your ability to make decisions.”

Improve your calculation, sacrifices, positional play, strategy, pattern recognition, and more… with coaching from one of the top players in the world today.

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