Carlsen’s Black Magic in Baku – IM David Vigorito

David VigThis preview from the ChessLecture DVD ¨Carlsen’s Black Magic and Carlsen in Baku¨ by IM David Vigorito will enhance your King’s Indian Defence (KID) knowledge.

We see a game from Ponomariov vs. Carlsen that features the King’s Indian Defense Saemisch variation. The knight maneuver Nge2 and Ng3 is considered, and a good overview as to how Black should handle it is considered. Carlsen’s approach is to weaken his king side with…h5, reasoning that the disruption in sending the knight backwards is justification for the weakening of his king.

This chess DVD is presented by a popular Chess Master who clearly explains a number of key KID Saemisch concepts with a little help from Magnus Carlsen!

Players of all abilities will be enhanced through this DVD.


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