Our Best Selling Chess Courses of 2020

Looking to improve your chess skills and want to invest your money wisely? The solution is found in our best-seller chess courses!

Here is a list of our best selling chess courses for every month of 2020.

Our Best Selling Chess Courses Of 2020

iChess.net Club

Although not a course, the iChess.net Club has been extremely popular since its launch.

Chess enthusiasts of all levels have used the incredible benefits club members get to save lots of money while improving lots! Talk about a win-win!

For your first month, you get to enjoy all the benefits of club membership for only $1!

These benefits include:

  • 40% discount on all courses
  • an additional 5% discount on special offers
  • a monthly coupon you can save for use later in the year
  • an extended preview video of 30 minutes to help you decide if the course is right for you
  • the ability to extend special offers
  • exclusive videos only available to club members 
  • much more!
Our Best Selling Chess Courses Of 2020
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January’s Best Seller

VECO Vol. 1 The English Opening – GM Mihail Marin and GM Damian Lemos

This course will provide you with all you need to know to successfully play the English Opening.

Both the presenters, GM Mihail Marin and GM Damian Lemos, have many years of coaching experience.

This coaching experience ensures the course will focus on the essential knowledge you need to know when learning an opening.

The VECO (Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) English Opening starts with a clear explanation of the ideas behind playing the English Opening as a Reversed Sicilian with an extra tempo.

Black might try to outfox you by playing the Symmetrical English (1.c4 c5) but this course includes full coverage of this variation too!

Varada R.5 Star rating – “A great way to learn the opening”

February’s Best Seller

VECO Vol. 2 The Nimzo Indian Defense – GM Eugene Perelshteyn and GM Damian Lemos

Join great masters of the past including Capablanca, Botvinnik, and Spassky, and play the Nimzo-Indian Defense against 1.d4.

You can rely on the VECO Nimzo-Indian Defense to provide you with a sound defense that gives you every chance to play for a win.

The course is presented by two very strong grandmasters: GM Eugene Perelshteyn and GM Damian Lemos.

Six variations of the Nimzo-Indian are covered including:

  • The Capablanca Variation 4.Qc2
  • 4.f3
  • Saemisch Variation 4.a3
  • Rubinstein Variation 5.Bd3/5.Nf3
  • 4.e3
  • 4.g3

You’ll have every reason to feel confident playing the Nimzo-Indian Defense after studying this amazing course.

James D. – 5 Star rating – “Worth the money and very instructive loved the lines will buy more”

March’s Best Seller

Deep Dive Vol. 18 – 1.e4 e5 Beating the Italian Opening and Ruy Lopez with Black – GM Damian Lemos

After 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 when playing with Black you must be prepared for either 3.Bc4 or 3.Bb5.

GM Damian Lemos will ensure you are well-equipped to handle whatever white throws at you.

As with all Deep Dive opening courses, they offer dynamic positions where both sides have everything to play for!

Included in this repertoire is a way to safely respond to the Evan’s Gambit.

When it comes to learning how to play the Italian Opening and Ruy Lopez there’s no better place to start than with the Deep Dive collection, including some of the best chess courses about openings. 

Joseph S. – 5 Star rating – “Excellent. I found it very educating.”

April’s Best Seller

Tactics Crash Course – IM Matt Kolosowski

This Tactics Crash Course will help you make your opponents crash and burn!

There’s nothing like active participation to help you retain the information shared in this fantastic tactics course.

The powerful chess tactics shared in this course will dramatically improve your confidence at the board.

You will gain a deep understanding of 8 tactical themes to help you outplay most opponents.

Improve your pattern recognition and learn how to spot tactical opportunities in quiet positions.

Jonathan D.5 Star Rating – “I’ll definitely be looking for more of Matt’s videos. It was a great overview of various types of tactics with some interesting examples and commentary.”

May’s Best Seller

Super GM Skill Set – GM Sam Shankland

This course will help you improve tremendously! Pausing to solve critical positions from 34 elite games will take your game up a level.

Included in this Super GM Skill Set you also learn how a Super GM sees the game. These insights will prove extremely helpful in helping you become a better player.

Getting better at chess requires more than acquiring more chess knowledge. What you need to develop is the skill to apply this new knowledge to your game.

Let Super GM Sam Shankland help you become a more skillful and better chess player. 

David R. – 5 Star rating – “Very enjoyable and easy to follow. Great instructional program. Look forward to enjoying it more.”

June’s Best Seller

Accelerate Your Chess – GM Simon Williams (aka the GingerGM)

This is one of the best chess courses GM Simon Williams has produced for iChess.

It offers fifteen hours of top-class instruction in several must-know chess concepts.

The subjects chosen to Accelerate Your Chess include:

and more!

Each chapter discusses a particular theme with the aid of an example game. The GingerGM then goes on to show how he used this knowledge in his own game.

This means you not only get a detailed explanation of several chess concepts but also learn how to apply this knowledge in your own games.

James K. – 5 Star rating – “The course is very well presented. Simon’s style is very confident and entertaining. The course content is very instructive.”

Our Best Selling Chess Courses Of 2020
Accelerate Your Chess – Get 50% Off!

July’s Best Seller

Libiszewski’s Pirc and Modern – GM Fabien Libiszewski

If you are a fan of hypermodern openings, then this course is a must-have!

Opening theoretician GM Fabien Libiszewski presents a cutting-edge repertoire in these two closely related defenses. 

There are enough differences between the Pirc and Modern to allow you to keep one of them as a surprise weapon! They are also similar enough to shorten the time you spend studying opening theory. 

Throughout time the fianchetto on g7 has proven itself against all main variations by white. Now you can learn what makes it so popular.

Wallace K. – 5 Star rating – “Libiszewski is very clear and organized”

August’s Best Seller

The Henley Stonewall Dutch – GM Ron Henley

An aggressive way to meet 1.d4 is to play the Stonewall Dutch. 

Black places his pawns on c6-d5-e6-f5 to prevent white from playing e4. The e4 square becomes an outpost for the black knight.

One of the advantages of the Henley Stonewall Dutch is that it’s structure-based. This makes it more important to know the ideas and strategies than memorizing long theoretical lines.

GM Ron Henley will show you how to make the most of this sound structure. You will learn how to play actively with your pieces and how to create lines of attack against your opponent.

Marc L. – 5 Star rating – “Build the wall. Chess content great.”

September’s Best Seller

Hyper Accelerated Dragon Mastermind – GM Bryan Smith

Low in theory but high in winning chances makes this opening a wise choice.

GM Bryan Smith has put together many excellent training courses. The Hyper Accelerated Dragon Mastermind course maintains his high standards.

7 model games, deeply analyzed, will help you learn the ideas and tactics you need to fully understand this opening. This alone ensures you get superb value for your time.

But there’s much more! You will also learn how to launch a successful attack with opposite side castling and take advantage of white’s incorrect move order.

Other chapters include dealing with the Yugoslav variation, Classical variation, and other moves by white.

Barry L. – 5 Star rating – “sterling performance”

October’s Best Seller

80/20 Tactics Multiplier Positional Sacrifices – GM Bryan Smith

We are all taught the importance of tactics early on in our chess studies. Adding Positional Sacrifices to your arsenal will give you a decided advantage.

The difference between good club players and really strong ones is often due to better positional understanding.

If you allow GM Bryan Smith to arm you with numerous positional sacrifices you can broaden your opening repertoire.

Instead of only relying on tactical openings for a win you can choose a positional repertoire. You will have no need to fear giving up your winning chances in these quieter openings.

Jean-Noël T.5 Star rating – “Excellent DVD. A must-have. A Lot for your money.”

November’s Best Seller

Advancing Against The French Defense – GM Jesse Kraai

So you thought you were only getting an opening repertoire against the French Defense? Think again!

GM Jesse Kraai will teach you this and lots more! You will learn how to use the concept of space a lot more effectively in your games.

This little-understood concept is what adds punch when you’re Advancing Against the French

A lot of French Defense players don’t fear the Advance Variation. Enjoy giving them a reason to be nervous. 

Kanda D. – 5 Star rating – “positional understanding. The author shows us not just a tree of moves but how to fight against the French, with a good positional understanding. Excellent!”

December’s Best Seller

80/20 Tactics Multiplier The London System – IM Eric Rosen

The London System is a reliable opening that chess players from beginners to masters can use. 

Our 80/20 Tactics Multiplier courses offer you tactics specific to the opening of your choice. This means no wasted time studying tactical shots you won’t get to play.

IM Eric Rosen will show you which tactics to employ no matter which defensive set-up black chooses in 80/20 Tactics Multiplier The London System.

Along with improving your pattern recognition, you will also learn tips to make analysis easier. A valuable skill to have no matter what color you are playing.

This course has over thirty 5 star reviews including this one:

Michael S. – 5 Star rating – “The London System with Eric Rosen is awesome. Just bought the London System with Eric Rosen. Eric is an incredible teacher who breaks things down in a way that is very simple and easy to remember – without losing the detail. This course is a must for anyone who wants to play the London” 

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