The Top 5 Best Chess Apps for iPhone & Android

What Are The Best Online Chess Apps?

Top 5 Best Chess Apps For Tablet

  • Chess Clock
  • chess24
  • lichess
  • Play Magnus

Chess books and chess magazines have lost their role as the predominant chess training sources. Thanks to technological progress, chess training software and online training have become increasingly attractive to the chess community.

As technology evolves, more and more chess training websites are introduced to the marketplace, which makes it tough to decide which ones are worth investing time in. Hence, when it comes to finding the best chess training websites and the best chess apps, we are spoiled for choice.

For that reason, this article will discuss the 5 best chess apps for tablets available today!

Although the apps can prove invaluable in helping you improve there are some aspects of getting better at chess we still need to do for ourselves. One of those is choosing our opening repertoire.

Fortunately, we have IM Anna Rudolf to share her experience and chess wisdom on how to build your opening repertoire.

Best Chess Apps for Tablet – Top 5

#1 Chess.comTop 5 Best Chess Apps For Tablet offers you a brilliant chess application. attracts millions of chess players from all over the world and currently has more than 7 million members.

The chess apps allow you to easily find opponents at your level, no matter whether you are a total beginner or a strong grandmaster.’s app provides you with a Tactics Trainer which currently offers 56,650 unique positions and puzzles which are available for chess tactics training and which aren’t artificially set up, but from real games.

Moreover, the chess app enables you to read chess articles online and watch instructive video lessons.

On top of that, all online content – your games, tactics puzzles & videos – can also be accessed directly from the website. This is especially helpful if you played a game in the app on the go and you want to analyze it a few hours later at home on your computer.

Additionally, the chess app’s design is highly appealing and clearly structured which makes it attractive chess for kids option. However, in case that you don’t like the design, there are numerous ways to change the style of the pieces, the board colors, and sounds.

While the free version of the app only offers you limited access to these resources, you can subscribe to premium services such as Diamond, Platinum, and Gold and enjoy even more great features.’s chess app is available on Android and iOS.

#2 Chess Clock 

Top 5 Best Chess Apps For Tablet

Chess Clock is another chess app offered by If you love a little exciting competition, a chess clock is an indispensable tool for your training.

If you meet a chess friend in order to play some games but don’t have a chess clock at hand, you can use this great chess app on your tablet to play under time pressure and thus, collect serious playing experience.

You can choose from tons of different time controls from the 1-minute bullet to 5 minutes blitz to a lot longer time modes.

Moreover, the app allows time controls with increments, so that after each player makes a move, he has an extra amount of time added to his remaining time.  Finally, the chess clock’s buttons are easy to read and press and the chess app is available for Android and iOS.

The possibility of having a chess clock always with you on your smartphone or tablet really makes Chess Clock one of the best chess apps available.

#3 chess24

Top 5 Best Chess Apps For Tablet

If you want to play chess on the go, you can also download the chess24 app for your tablet. chess24’s chess app offers pretty much everything a chess player needs: There is not only a large Playzone – which allows you to play against an opposition of any level – but also many more opportunities for training.

For example, you can use the Chess Tactics Trainer which has a large database of tactical problems including a collection of puzzles for all different levels or watch plenty of chess DVD series where great masters of the game like Super-GM Peter Svidler, GM Jan Gustafsson or GM Artur Yusupov talk about openings, endgames and many more aspects of the game.

One of the greatest features is that you can download the chess video series and watch them offline. If you’re traveling with your tablet and you don’t have access to the internet, you can still acquire a lot of knowledge by watching the video series offline.

Last but not least, daily news from the chess world is always available on chess24 keeping you up to date. chess24’s chess app is available on Android and iOS.

#4 Top 5 Best Chess Apps For Tablet

A fourth promising chess app to use for chess training is The app’s Tactics Trainer gives access to over 60,000 tactical puzzles all taken from recent games and presents a wide range of difficulty.

The greatest feature of this chess app is that it provides a variety of online play modes. Apart from the opportunity to play standard chess games with diverse time controls, you can choose between 8 different chess variations such as Chess960, Atomic chess or Three-check chess making it possible to combine chess training with a lot of fun.

Just like the other apps, this app is available on Android and iOS.

#5 Play Magnus

Top 5 Best Chess Apps For Tablet

Anyone can beat Magnus at chess… at least at 5 years old. A list featuring the best chess apps couldn’t be complete without Play Magnus.

Play Magnus is the last chess app available for Android and iOS we would like to present in this article. The chess app is named after World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

It allows you to play against Magnus Carlsen at nineteen different skill levels based on Magnus Carlsen’s ability at given ages. Hence, the app offers you the chance to learn from the virtual Magnus Carlsen at different simulated ages.

You can set the age of Carlsen from age 5 up to his current age. Of course, with ongoing years, the difficulty level increases as well. On top of that, the chess app also features plenty of training videos with Magnus Carlsen himself.

Some of the training videos are free, others can be unlocked by buying them. The videos are categorized for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players.

Conclusion – 5 Best Chess Apps

A few decades ago, chess players who wanted to play chess needed to find a human opponent. But at present time, many chess apps are available on smartphones and tablets. Today, players can play chess anywhere, anytime on their tablet.

A tablet is sort of like a more portable notebook and brings some unique advantages to the table. As we’ve seen, there are dozens of everyday situations where playing chess on a tablet is the best solution.

Chess apps are going to grow in the future, so if you haven’t already done it, it’s time to take your chess game with you on your tablet.

We could only present 5 of the best chess apps for tablets in this article. Of course, there are many more great chess apps available! Not to mention our favorite desktop trainers like Chessable’s MoveTrainer. Let us know your favorite chess apps in the comments section.

Due to the fact that more and more people aren’t at home most time of the day, using chess apps is an essential aspect of every serious player’s chess training routine.

However, even as a busy chess player, you can’t only use chess apps in order to improve your play.

If you want to know more about other excellent chess training techniques, we have a special offer for you. “GingerGM” Simon Williams produced a comprehensive 15-hour course in which he reveals the training secrets and shortcuts that helped him become a GM with a fraction of the time and effort it takes most people. Click here to get instant access with 50% off for a limited time only!

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One comment on “The Top 5 Best Chess Apps for iPhone & Android

  1. Gene Venable says:

    I am not interested in using a tablet to play online. I am only interested in studying chess and reading chess books, at the moment. I have Android. I find that there are surprisingly many good chess apps in the Play Store. For my purposes, I like Scid, which displays games and lets you set up positions.

    I am pretty happy with my current method of using Scid. I set it up on my Kindle Fire, and read a chess book on my Moto X4 cell phone. It works great.

    BTW, I’m a USCF-rated Expert, just below 2200.

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