Bayonet Attack – GM Daniel King

Daniel KingThis attack is not for the faint of heart!

In the video “Bayonet Attack” by GM Daniel King, we are shown a fearless way to play against the King’s Indian.

The King’s Indian has become an extremely popular opening for black with grandmasters such as Polgar, Kasparov and Shirov all having used it. However, we will see how White can fight back using one of the most direct methods of meeting the King’s Indian.

We are first shown how previous variations of this opening have resulted in very quick and dangerous attacks for Black. Then Daniel shows a way to quickly attack on the queenside for White, using the bayonet attack that is characterized by the early pawn push b4. White wants to start immediate play on the queenside before Black has the opportunity to attack on the kingside.

How effective is this fast queenside play? What are the typical queenside attacking ideas? Watch the video to find out!


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