A Tribute to Smyslov’s Attacks Become a Wild Attacking Player

A Tribute to Vasily Smyslov’s Attacks

Vasily Smyslov was a soviet World Champion between 1957 and 1958, after beating Mikhail Botvinnik. His playing style is reminiscent of Capablanca’s, with a refined endgame technique.

Even though, as every World Champion, he know how to attack if the position forced him, as GM Larry Christiansen clearly states in this free preview of his acclaimed Mega Bundle Attacking ChessSmyslov

Take, for example, the first position that Christiansen analyses:

In this game against GM Lembit Oll, Smyslov outplayed positionally his opponent and achieve an excellent position. The e5-pawn is very weak, but it can’t be taken right now. If 28.Nxe5, then 28…Kf5!, and the Ne5 or the Re4 are lost.

Vasily played another obvious move, 28.f4, but after 28…Kf5 it looks as it backfires. Can you discover what Smyslov had planned? (The solution is at the end of the post).

After this little introduction, Christiansen analyzed an attacking gem of the World Champion. His game against the GM Zoltán Ribli is a Isolated Queen’s Pawn masterpiece that everyone should know, even if you don’t play this structure with either color!

Christiansen commentaries of this structure make the video a must-view to understand how to play with and against this central pawn. And Smyslov’s sacrifices against the enemy king’s castle will train you in high-level attacking chess and calculation.

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Solution. After 28.f4 Kf5, the former world champion played the astonishing 29.g4+!!, and Black has to decide if he wants to lose a piece or to be given mate. The game continued 29…Kxe4 (29…Kxg4 30.fxg5+ is curtains) 30.Nf2+ Kxf4 31.Rg1!!, and Black resigned. White threaten 32.Bc2#, and if 31…e4, then 32.Nh3# So the mate in 1 is inevitable.


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