2700Chess: Review of the Live Chess Ratings Site

2700chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess RatingsWhat Is 2700Chess?

  • A free chess website which provides you with live ratings of the world’s best chess players.
  • Provides you with access on rating information on all FIDE players
  • Features live games from strong tournaments.
  • Offers the possibility to play against the computer on different levels.

Whenever you talk to chess players, special attention is almost automatically given to chess ratings and the loss and gain of Elo points.

If you want to know all about chess ratings, the best chess players in the world right now and the changes in ratings, 2700Chess is the place to go.

The website provides you with a whole bunch of features every chess player’s heart desires – up-to-date chess rating lists, live games from strong tournaments, a huge up-to-date database, rating information on all FIDE players, a possibility to play against the computer on different levels, rating records and a lot more. The best part about 2700Chess.com – it’s 100% free!

In the following article, we are going to take a look at the website’s most valuable features, so that you don’t miss any of them.

Live Chess Ratings

2700chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess Ratings
The world’s top 20 players according to Elo rating at a glance

2700Chess.com is an impeccably maintained site that, first and foremost, concerns itself with the elite of the chess world.

It is dedicated to monitoring the live chess ratings of the world’s best grandmasters rated 2700+ FIDE.

While the Official FIDE Chess Ratings List is published bi-monthly, 2700Chess.com is updated in real-time to reflect the constantly changing list of the world’s top chess players.

A live rating list provides you with all the information you need about the world’s top chess players.

Did you know that currently there are 47 players rated 2700 or higher in the world? While Boris Gelfand (50), Vassily Ivanchuk (49) and Vishy Anand (48) are the oldest players rated above 2700, Artemiev (20), Duda (20) and Wei Yi (19) are the youngest.

Have you already heard that Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura have a Blitz rating of above 2900 Elo? 2700chess provides you with all this information at a glance.

You can see the Top 100 players gains and losses of Elo points as well as descenders and top climbers. If a player returns to the stratospheric 2800-club or falls out of the top 10 players, you’ll be the first to notice on 2700chess.

Moreover, you can also see plenty of information about any star in the chess world by clicking on the player’s name. Different charts provide you with data on the development of a player’s rating and offer you the change to compare the progress of different players with various graphics.

In addition, you can see the highest FIDE ratings of all 2700+ players, with links to profiles, dates of records and games.

An additional women’s section allows you to constantly keep track of the world’s best female chess players.

2700chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess Ratings
Check the virtual Elo rating of the best chess players in history

Moreover, there is a separate records section which allows you to do a lot of research on chess history. You can see Professor Arpad Elo’s virtual rating list of history’s greatest players in the pre-Fischer era.

What would have been Capablanca’s rating compared to Botvinnik’s, Lasker’s or Tal’s? You’ll find a detailed chess rating list of the greatest players in chess history.

If you have your own site or blog, the website provides another great feature. 2700chess offers you the use of the Top 10 Player’s banner.

This banner is updated automatically. Every time there is a change to the Top 10 on 2700chess, your Top 10 banner is updated simultaneously.

All FIDE Player’s Chess Ratings

You’re not limited to search for the world’s best players only. The website’s huge chess ratings database enables you to find your favorite players using the different filters.

Also if you have a FIDE rating then you can find your name as well. You can also search for the best players of a continent, a country, a certain age group and so on.

Live Broadcast of Top Events

2700chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess Ratings
Watch the world’s best chess players live in action.

Not only does 2700Chess.com specialize in publishing information on chess ratings, they also broadcast live games of various top events and provide chess game pgns for all chess tournaments involving Super Grandmasters rated above 2700 FIDE.

Of course, you can also review the latest games played by chess players rated 2700+ on the website’s chess board directly.

If you want to stay up to date on current events, 2700chess.com offers a “Live Games” section that actively follows and broadcasts the strongest ongoing chess tournaments.

Database – From Super-GM Games to Club Players

You can find your favorite chess games, including your own, in the website’s 6 million games online chess database. Marc Crowther from TWiC (The Week in Chess) gave 2700chess.com some help with setting up a database of games that is very easy to browse by a tournament, making a mountain of games from Super-Grandmasters to club players easily accessible.

This huge, up-to-date database allows you to search for games by player, result, year, rating, ECO (opening) and opponent. You can check which games you’ve personally played in different tournaments are now viewable for all people all over the world!

It might be a wise decision to repair some of the opening lines you played and to analyze key mistakes you made before playing the next tournament. Your opponent could easily view your games and prepare against you.

Play Chess Against The Computer

2700chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess Ratings
Play chess against the computer at any level

Finally, a smaller feature on 2700chess is the possibility to play against a computer.

You can play a game against the computer using different levels whose strengths range from 1400 Elo to 2800 Elo.

This in itself is nothing too special in today’s time of numerous fantastic chess training websites. However, one small option makes this feature really special.

Namely, you have the chance to play a training game from any position of your favorite game in the website’s chess database.

Did you see a game between two Super-Grandmasters that ended in a draw, and you want to find out if you could have held the draw as well?

Did you see games where one player resigned and you did not exactly understand why? You can find it all out by playing the position with either color against the machine on different levels.

Conclusion – 2700Chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess Ratings

2700chess: Best Free Site For Live Chess Ratings
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All in all, 2700chess.com is an awesome free site that is doing a great thing for online chess promotion through the simplicity and quality of the information they provide.

It is a fantastic site that was created with the advanced chess player in mind. Beginner and intermediate players will probably not be able to get the most out of the site, because 2700chess.com does not contain annotations or explanations of the Super-GM games they provide.

While it’s definitely interesting and entertaining to watch the rating changes of the world’s best players, it’s an even better feeling to see your own rating climbing all the way up.

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