10 Chess Apps To Help You Improve

Best chess apps to improve your game:

  • Chess Lv100
  • Chess Online
  • Chess Genius
  • Chess Coach Pro
  • Chess Universe Play and Learn
  • CT-Art 4.0 Chess App
  • Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf
  • Chess Prime 3D Pro
  • Chess Tactics for Beginners
  • Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles) Chess App
10 chess apps to help you improve blogimage

Chess apps are a great solution if you are wondering how to improve your chess game.

These 10 chess apps will help you increase your playing strength.

Some of the apps will do this by improving your tactical skills through solving puzzles. Others allow you to play against live opponents or a chess engine.

There are, of course, apps that allow you to do both.

The Advantages of Using Chess Apps

Technology, like most things, is a double-edged sword. Similar to a chess move in that our gains are balanced by what we are giving up.

For example, a pawn move can gain space, but it can leave our king exposed or provide our opponent with weak squares to occupy behind it.

However, if you approach technology with the same mindset you use while playing a game, then chess engines and chess apps can prove extremely helpful.

chess king has several very popular chess apps
Chess King has several popular chess apps

Be mindful that it’s in applying what you learn that reveals how much the chess apps have helped you improve.

There are three main advantages of training with chess apps:

  • Chess apps are always available whenever you have a break.
  • Many chess apps have become so advanced they can help show you why a move doesn’t work.
  • If you solve puzzles, many chess apps allow you to set the difficulty level to match your playing strength.

Here’s a selection of 10 chess apps to help you get started.

Be certain to read this article offering you five more of the most popular chess apps.

1. Chess Lv100

“Lv 100” stands for the 100 levels this free chess app provides. You advance through the levels by playing against computer opponents.

Chess Lv100 is a free chess app available on all platforms
Chess Lv100 is a free chess app available on all platforms

Each victory earns you medals which you can use to change the appearance of the board and pieces. There is also an option to use the edit function to create puzzles for yourself in this chess app.

The interface is very user-friendly. Thanks to the adjustable settings, this chess app readily adjusts itself to your playing strength.

This is a good chess app if you want to practice between your tournament games or simply relax.

Available for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS

2. Chess Online

The Chess Online app is offered by chessfriends and allows you to play against other members.

chess online is offered by chessfriends.com
Chess Online is an app offered by chessfriends.com

The chess app contains a chess engine for you to play against in offline mode. The engine has 20 different levels of playing strength.

All three of the usual time controls are offered – classic, blitz and bullet.

You have the option to play either rated or unrated games.

There is a selection of chess boards and chess pieces to choose from.

App available for Android, iOS.

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3. Chess Genius App

The user interface is simple and elegant. You can show the board and the moves or increase the size of the board if you don’t need to see the game notation.

Chess Genius Pro is a paid chess app that is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
Chess Genius Pro is a paid chess app that is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

There is a board editor to help you with puzzles and improve your tactical skills.

To help your all round improvement this chess app comes with a tutor, hint and the option to take back a move.

Save or load games to a PGN database on an SD card.

This is a paid app costing $3.99 but it comes highly rated at 4.5 stars.

Available for both Android and iOS.

4. Chess Coach Pro

The app provides you with 4200 themed puzzles and a selection of chess openings. The developer has said the number of openings will be expanded.

Chess Coach Pro is a paid version but there is a free version for you to test the app.

There is no chess engine to play against. This is simply to practice solving puzzles.

Available for both Android and iOS.

This paid app costs $9.49. There is the option to share it with family members at no additional charge.

If you would like to try the app before buying, there is a free version called Chess Coach Lite.

The free version has approximately a third of the puzzles as the paid version. Unlike the paid version this doesn’t offer any openings.

5. Chess Universe Play and Learn

This free chess app allows you to play chess online and offline.

Chess Universe

The app will help you learn to play chess.

Once you have learned how to play you can play chess against your friends or play seven levels against a chess engine.

Three time options are offered: bullet, blitz, and rapid.

The chess academy offers puzzles for you to solve. Don’t forget to also have a go at solving the daily chess quests too.

Available for both Android and iOS.

6. CT-Art 4.0 Chess App

A free app offering tactics training for players rated 1200-2400 Elo.

This chess app provides a total of 4000 exercises (2200 basic exercises and 1800 auxiliary exercises divided into 50 chapters). Training is available offline.

art 4.0 is a tactics trainer.
Art 4.0 will help you improve your chess tactics.

All the exercises are selected from the book “Combination Motifs” by Maxim Blokh which has a 4.8 star rating at a well-known online retailer.

The app will help you with hints and offer explanations if you choose the wrong move. For typical wrong moves, you get to watch as the computer plays the refutation.

Your rating progress is monitored by the chess app.

Available for both Android and iOS.

7. Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

learn with dr. wolf
Learn with Dr. Wolf

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player you can improve with help from Dr. Wolf.

During a game, Dr. Wolf will help by pointing out the strategic ideas in the position and assisting you if you make a mistake.

There are 25 lessons on different chess concepts. When you apply what you learn in a game Dr. Wolfe will acknowledge it and you earn points.

The first three lessons are free. After that a subscription is required. Costing $4.99 monthly or $34.99 annually.

Formerly only available for iOS there is now an Android app available.

8. Chess Prime 3 D Pro

chess pro 3d
Chess Pro 3D also offers 2D boards

There’s no need to despair if you prefer the 2D board. This app provides you with the option to play on a 2D board with better 2D graphics and pieces.

For the beginner there is learning assistance. Both “one player” and “two player” options are offered so you can play against friends or the chess engine.

Included are 200 “Mate in 2” / “Mate in 3” puzzles to help you improve.

The option to save and load a game comes in handy for those unexpected interruptions.

The app costs $1.99.

Available for iOS only.

9. Chess Tactics for Beginners

Based on the book “Manual of Chess Combinations” by Sergey Ivashchenko.

The app offers 1200+ training exercises specifically aimed at beginners. There are 1, 2 and 3 move combinations for you to find.

chess tactics beginners

If you play the wrong move there is a coach to help you find the solution.

Play one of the common incorrect moves and you will be shown the refutation. This is a great feature to help deepen your understanding of the position.

The app works well on both smartphones and tablets.

This app is free but provides a limited set of tactics unless you upgrade to the paid version. Getting to try the app first is always good.

Available for both Android and iOS.

10. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles) Chess App

Select from three different modes:

  • Daily puzzles.
  • Progress mode which tracks your rating.
  • Offline puzzle packs.

The puzzles range from beginner to advanced. Some puzzles are rated over 2000 Elo.

new project

This app is very customizable with different several board themes. The user interface has a simple, clean look to it.

Along with a level history you also have the option to bookmark puzzles.

Optimized to work on tablets and smartphones.

Free with in-app purchases and ads.

Available for both Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts on Chess Apps

We are blessed to live in a time where we have access to vast amounts of readily available chess knowledge and chess technology.

There are numerous chess apps to choose from.

Nowadays a person in a remote location can play in tournaments across the world. If you find yourself well off the beaten track chess apps can be your coach.

They will never replace coaches but they are becoming indispensable and affordable aids to helping chess players improve.

Just as a coach might resonate more with one chess student than another, you must be willing to test different chess apps.

There are so many chess apps to choose from if you persevere you are bound to find one to your liking.

Please feel free to share the chess apps you have found helpful to your chess growth in the comments section.

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