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MI Jorge Rosito July 28, 2015

Endgame Techniques: Zugzwang. Part 2

The Second World Chess Champion, the German Emanuel Lasker, believed three important elements were characteristic of the endgame: the activity of the king, the strength of the passed pawns, and zugzwang. All great finalists consider these ideas. Russian GM Vasily Smyslov, the Seventh World Chess Champion, highlighted these ideas in the final stages of the game. In this position, Smyslov led the black pieces against Yugoslavian GM Svetozar Gligorić in Amsterdam in 1971. With a master stroke he was able [...]
OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor July 27, 2015

Ultimate Middlegame Transition Guide: How GMs transition from opening to middlegame with Damian Lemos

In the 76th volume of the Empire Chess series, Grandmaster Damian Lemos masterfully teaches you the guide to how GMs plan the transition from the opening to the middlegame. The choice of opening determines which middlegame plans will be developed. He does this by extensively discussing strong Grandmaster games. If you want to learn how GMs link the opening to the middlegame, you should watch these videos. In the preview video you will see the game between strong GMs Milov and Sutovsky in which the [...]
OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor July 23, 2015

Center Counter Carnage! – IM Andrew Martin

Make the board explode with the Center Counter! In the video “Center Counter Carnage!” by IM Andrew Martin, we take a look at the seemingly “inferior” opening 1.e4 d5. This opening did not have a good reputation until Viswanathan Anand played it in a World Championship game against Garry Kasparov. Because of this, the reputation for this opening has increased a lot and it is now played a bit more, even at higher levels of chess. At the beginning of [...]
MI Jorge Rosito July 22, 2015

Endgame Techniques: Zugzwang. Part 1

Zugzwang is a German expression that means “compulsion to move.” We know that when a player falls into zugzwang, each move can only worsen their position. It being your turn is an advantage in most cases, and whether you are in the opening or the middlegame, it can also be a decisive detail. However, as we approach the endgame, it makes sense to give our opponent their turn. For example, the king and rook versus king endgame would be impossible [...]
MI Jorge Rosito July 21, 2015

Rook Endgames: Rook ahead of the Passed Pawn

If the rook hinders the pawn on its path towards promotion, it is a bad sign. In the following diagram, it is necessary to dislodge the opponent’s king from the squares g7 or h7 in order to achieve victory. Despite it being White’s turn, they cannot progress, since against 1.Kb6 (with the idea of defending the pawn in order to then activate the rook), Black could have threatened perpetual check that would have managed to tie the game. 1…Rb1 – [...]
OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor July 20, 2015

Killer Combinations of the Super GMs with GM Damian Lemos

In this DVD, the 80th in the Empire Chess series, Grandmaster Damian Lemos focuses on teaching you certain tactical combinations that bring about forced mate or gaining material. He uses 4 Super-GM games as a point of reference and analyzes them in order to explain how a grandmaster combines. If you want to dominate attacking technique and killer combinations, you should watch these videos. In order to dive into tactics, it is not enough to be familiar with the basic elements [...]
OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor July 16, 2015

Dominate the Caro-Kann Opening – GM Nigel Davies

Play dynamically with the Caro-Kann! In the video “Caro-Kann” by GM Nigel Davies, we are taught about the extremely tough Caro-Kann opening that has been played by Grandmasters all throughout history. These include players such as Jose Capablanca, Mikhail Botvinnik, Tigran Petrosian, Anatoly Karpov, Michael Adams and Peter Leko just to name a few. Recently the Caro-Kann has had some aggressive ideas injected into it by strong players that create more dynamic positions. Nigel starts the video off by showing [...]