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iChess.net contributor April 21, 2017

A Tribute to Smyslov’s Attacks Become a Wild Attacking Player

A Tribute to Vasily Smyslov’s Attacks Vasily Smyslov was a soviet World Champion between 1957 and 1958, after beating Mikhail Botvinnik. His playing style remember Capablanca’s, with a refined endgame technique. Even though, as every World Champion, he know how to attack if the position forced him, as GM Larry Christiansen clearly [...]
iChess.net contributor April 19, 2017

Wang Hao Destroys Caruana’s Slav – Play against the Slav Defense

Wang Hao Crushes Caruana’s Slav Former #1 Chinese player Wang Hao has an extensive career winning many major tournaments. His theorical skills were so powerful that he even outperformed GM Fabiano Caruana! In this free video, GM Benjamin commentates this exciting game, giving us a lesson of how to play [...]
iChess.net contributor April 18, 2017

FM Melekhina on Capablanca’s Masterpieces

FM Melekhina on Capablanca’s Masterpieces In the new Master Method course, the FM Alisa Melekhina goes through very important training methods and practical advices that every chessplayer should know. But, before that, she explores the different chess styles studying the chess classics. In this FREE PREVIEW of the Melekhina Method, Alisa analyses [...]
iChess.net contributor April 5, 2017

The Refreshing Double Fianchetto

The Refreshing Double Fianchetto Modern chess appears to offer only two options to the white players: to play sharp openings, with lots of unique moves you have to memorize (or risk being massacred) to play dubious lines, with little to study but jeopardizing your opening advantage. But GM Damian Lemos offers [...]