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We’re Hiring! Customer Service Representative position available. / is an emerging leader in the chess industry, operating a rapidly growing eCommerce website and producing high...
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5 Best Chess Puzzles for Beginners
"Chess is 99 per cent tactics" is an old saying. That famous quote has often been debated in the world...
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Carlsen vs Fischer: Who is Better? (Part 1)
 Carlsen vs Fischer: Who is Better? (Part 1) Chess has a long history. There have been, and there are...
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Paul Morphy’s Genius – Chess Opening Fundamentals – GM Axel Delorme
Paul Morphy's Genius - Chess Opening Fundamentals Many players spend a long time memorising line after line of opening theory....
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Best Chess Websites For Online Chess Analysis
Until a few decades ago, chess amateurs all around the world had only one source for serious chess training: chess...
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Free Webinar: 2018 Candidates Tournament Week 1 Review – IM Valeri Lilov
The 2018 Candidates Tournament is living up to all the hype! Eight of the world's top players are battling it...
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Bobby Fischer’s Third Coming – IM Valeri Lilov
Bobby Fischer's Third Coming - IM Valeri Lilov  Many chess fans consider Bobby Fischer to be the best chess player...
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Top 5 Best Chess Apps for Tablet
Chess books and chess magazines have lost their role as the predominant chess training sources. Thanks to technological progress, chess...
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Nigel Short Reviews his 1992 Match Against Anatoly Karpov
Nigel Short Reviews his 1992 Match Against Karpov Probably the most famous British figure in chess ever, Nigel...
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Candidates Tournament 2018: Trash talk and a new Immortal!
“Chess is, above all, a fight!” – Emanuel Lasker. And so it is proving at the Candidates! Before the tournament...
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Chess Psychology – Keeping Your Nerve – GM Tiberiu Georgescu
Chess psychology is as important as studying openings, endgames or tactics. If you are unable to think clearly in pressure...
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