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OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor August 28, 2015

FREE Chess24 course – My Favourite Garry Kasparov Games!!

We are super excited to announce we have teamed up with our friends at Chess24 to bring ALL their fantastic courses to you! As an introduction to these world class instructive videos, I am giving you this free download of the superb “My Favourite Garry Kasparov Games” by IM Lawrence Trent! [...]
MI Jorge Rosito August 26, 2015

Endgame Techniques: The Stalemate. Part 2

In most cases, stalemates come about due to an error. A player ignores a defensive action and leaves the opponent with one or more sacrificial pieces on a silver platter in order to arrive at the desired position. Sax-Smejkal This position occurred in a tournament in Vrbas in 1977. Something [...]
MI Jorge Rosito August 25, 2015

Endgame Techniques: The Stalemate. Part 1

The stalemate is a valuable tool that can help to save a completely lost or inferior position. In 1984, in the traditional Mar del Plata Open, in my hometown, I was able to witness first-hand a stalemate that would go down in the history of the competition. Najdorf-Kurtic The second [...]
OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor August 24, 2015

Crushing Black with the Scotch Opening

Tired of playing long theoretical games in the Ruy Lopez/Spanish opening? Take your opponent out of their comfort zone early on with The Scotch Opening (3. d4!) This dynamic opening is perfectly suited to players who like great attacking chances, a space advantage and a completely sound position. With players [...]
Joseph Philipson August 19, 2015

Endgame Techniques: Pawn Race

In this article, I am going to analyze positions in which both sides possess passed pawns that have similar opportunities for promotion. Such a pawn race can produce interesting play.   Ljubojevic-Browne One interesting endgame came about in the city of Amsterdam in 1972. American GM Walter Browne, six-time champion [...]