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iChess.net contributor November 17, 2017

8 Incredible Chess Combinations

8 Incredible Chess Combinations The pawns are the soul of the game, but chess combinations are what fill the souls of players. Chess without combinations would be sooo boring… In the long history of chess, many spectacular combos have been played. From the first world champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, to the current one, [...]
caylajonathan November 16, 2017

Jouez contre la Catalane avec d4 retardé (1.Cf3) – GM Axel Delorme

C’est en 1929, lors du tournoi de Barcelone, que Xavier Tartakover proposa aux organisateurs de nommer l’ouverture qu’il avait utilisée avec brio « Ouverture Catalane ». Si elle se heurte à un manque de popularité chez le grand public à ses débuts, de nombreux grands joueurs l’utilisèrent assez rapidement, notamment le champion [...]
iChess.net contributor November 15, 2017

How Chess Pieces Move

How Chess Pieces Move Almost every person in the world knows this famous board game – chess! However, many look at the board and feel totally overwhelmed, thinking that it is a game only for extraordinarily smart people and a game they could never understand. They look at the black [...]
iChess.net contributor November 11, 2017

GingerGM Explains How to Think in Chess

GingerGM Explains How to Think in Chess In chess, you have to make a decision every time it comes to making a move, and you have to think in the right way in order to make that decision the correct one! How do we do that? If you can answer this [...]
iChess.net contributor November 10, 2017

The Powerful Positional Exchange Sacrifice

The Powerful Positional Exchange Sacrifice You are seeing a game between two strong GMs, when sudenly one of them sacrifice an exchange, gets an overwhelming position, and wins. How they can do that? It seems as the masters have a different form to evaluate material… What’s the secret of the positional [...]
iChess.net contributor November 9, 2017

The Noteboom, A Dynamic Answer to 1.d4

The Noteboom – A Dynamic Answer to 1.d4 Sometimes, facing off against 1.d4 might seem a little boring – you want to play aggressive, dynamic chess, but what to do after 1.d4? IM Sopiko Guramishvili suggests you play the Noteboom. The Noteboom is one of the main lines of the Triangle [...]
iChess.net contributor November 8, 2017

Who Invented Chess – History Of Chess

Who Invented Chess? The history of chess goes back many years, decades and ages! But who really invented the game everybody has heard about? Where is the origin of this famous mental exercise many people play as a hobby in their free time? Chess is known the world over, played [...]