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iChess.net contributor June 26, 2017

Magnus Dominant, but Not Flawless!

So what’s happening in the chess world? Lately Magnus has shown terrible form and is hemorrhaging rating points, yet he’s still somehow solid enough to win his tournaments handily. He just did so at the Grand Chess Tour in Paris, despite the occasional hiccup (heartbreaking losses to both Grischuk and [...]
iChess.net contributor June 17, 2017

Judit Polgar – the Master Coach!

Did you see it yet? The mystery presenter of our latest Master Method course was… The legendary Judit Polgar! Indeed it is an honor to have Judit share her decades of experience from the very top of elite chess, as well as her stories and killer chess tips all in [...]
iChess.net contributor June 10, 2017

GM Krush today and a mystery GM on Monday!

Things have been really hectic here at iChess recently… I’ll begin by filling you in on the latest chess training news, and then we’ll get into the really fun stuff iChess Breaking News: We’ve just had the long-awaited launch of The Lemos Method – the official course in which our [...]