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iChess.net contributor January 13, 2016

Chess Tournament Calendar 2016

Chess Tournament Calendar 2016 This should be a great year for chess with the Grand Chess Tour, Candidates Tournament and a World Championship match to round things off with. After an indifferent first half of 2015, Magnus Carlsen won the London Chess Classic and Qatar Masters to confirm his position [...]
Yury Markushin September 26, 2016

6 Reasons You Should Study Chess Openings

There are two types of chess players out there: those who study chess openings all day long and those who never do. There are a lot of misconceptions about studying openings for club players. It seems like many of them don’t understand why they should or shouldn’t study chess openings. In [...]
iChess.net contributor September 24, 2016

Kasparov and the Machine – Silicon Monster Devours World Champion!

Kasparov and the Machine – Silicon Monster Devours World Champion! The first round of the Intel Grand Prix in London, 1994, had two fascinating pairings: Korchnoi’s match against the young Morozevich plus Garry Kasparov and the machine, a clash between two chess geniuses. While few doubt Garry’s genius, the Pentium computer [...]
iChess.net contributor September 21, 2016

Carlsen vs Karjakin Chess Tactics

Carlsen vs Karjakin Chess Tactics Not every prodigy becomes a superstar but it’s fair to say things have worked out well for Carlsen and Karjakin. The youngest (Sergey) and third youngest Grandmasters of all time face off against each other in New York City in November. Unsurprisingly, this match will [...]
Yury Markushin September 19, 2016

5 Ways To Dramatically Improve at Chess

There isn’t a single chess player out there who enjoys losing. Everyone wants to improve at chess and start winning. It’s a constant struggle – some players succeed, but many don’t. I’m sure you’re a well-motivated player aiming for success and failure isn’t an option for you. It doesn’t matter if you are [...]