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Graphic Designer


Front-end developer / graphic designer for eCommerce chess website


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About Us:

We are a rapidly growing eCommerce chess site in business for over 5 years working with remote teams. We operate a team of 10+ remote employees and are establishing a new global HQ office in Mexico City.


This position will start on a part-time basis as a part time front end developer and designer, with the possibility to transition to a full-time team lead on salary after 6 months.


We have a flexible and progressive company culture and provide our team extensive hands on training on the latest marketing techniques.




*Raise iChess revenue by increasing traffic and/or conversion rates through quality front end design

*Love simple clean uncluttered designs and fonts that improves user experience and UI/UX

*Work and coordinate with a backend developer and project manager for projects that require it.

*Be comfortable not just coding .psd to HTML/CSS but actually designing the graphic as well.

*Give suggestions to our design team to improve our main landing pages to improve conversion rates, SEO and user experience.

*Love creating high converting banners for Facebook, Adwords and our website (both static and GIFs)



*Large portfolio, with particular attention to the projects where you did both the design and the coding.

*Experience creating websites completely from scratch

*Basic copywriting experience

*Intermediate command of spoken and written English

*Experience creating multi-stage development workflows

*Graphic design portfolio of Adwords ads and Facebook ads.

*Landing Page Design experience with an eye for conversion rate optimization

*Comfort working with GitHub, bitbucket and other repository and source code tools.

*At least basic knowledge ofConversion Rate Optimization and how UI/UX design relates to it.

*Basic knowledge of SEO

*Comfort working with WordPress and WooCommerce

*Live (or willing to relocate to Mexico City within 3 months of hiring)



*Basic knowledge of backend (PHP)

*Strong experience in SEO (yes front end design and SEO are tied together)

*Previous experience working with an eCommerce site whose main business model is selling digital downloads/courses.

*Experience working with remote teams

*A love of chess


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