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Backend WordPress PHP developer for eCommerce Website


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About Us:

We are a rapidly growing eCommerce chess site in business for over 5 years working with remote teams. We operate a team of 10+ remote employees and are establishing a new global HQ office in Mexico City.


This position will start on a part-time basis as backend developer, with the opportunity to transition to full-time as a more senior developer and development team leader.


We have a flexible and progressive company culture and provide our team extensive hands on training on the latest marketing techniques.

++ Both agencies and individual developers are welcome to apply. ++

*Implement backend projects listed on our trello and bitbucket coding independently 

*Coordinate their backend code with the front-end designers and a project manager(s).

*Manage more junior developers both locally and in the Philippines and check their code. These developers will sometimes working on their own projects and sometimes they will work directly under you for larger projects.
*Come up with their own ideas to improve the user experience and improve conversion rate, average order amount and traffic.

*Extremely strong command of PHP, particularly WordPress PHP. Your favorite and most comfortable language should be PHP.
*Minimum 3+ years of WordPress experience
*Intermediate command of mySQL, especially the mySQL structure of WordPress *Intermediate written and spoken English
*Comfort working with GitHub, bitbucket and other respository and source code tools.
*Experience integrating with APIs like InfusionSoft (or similar email marketing tools)
*Experience working with AWS
*Basic devops knowledge (you need to be comfortable with Linux command line as we do not use cPanel) *Basic knowledge of Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO
*Experience creating multi-stage development workflows



*Experience working with Woocommerce (or other PHP based eCommerce platforms)

*Experience working with Infusionsoft or similar e-mail marketing software

*Developed a wordpress plugin from scratch that is popular and used.

*Previous experience working with an eCommerce site whose main business model is selling digital downloads/courses.

*Comfort communicating over the phone in both English and Spanish

*Basic Copywriting experience

*Basic understanding of eCommerce sales funnels, and the purpose of landing pages and sales pages.

*Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO

*Experience working with remote teams

*Self-directed; eager to find ways to improve and enhance the existing website

*At least basic knowledge of front-end design (CSS/HTML5)

*A love of chess


Most successful applicants will be given a chance to do a small test project and if they succeed at the project then they will be hired part time for 10-30 hours per week of work, with the possibility of a promotion to a full-time job and salary after 6 months.

This job posting is extremely competitive and the vetting process is rigorous. If you do not live in Mexico City relocation to Mexico City within 3 months is expected.

You’ll be expected to provide WordPress code samples. If you cannot provide code samples, don’t bother applying! (The code samples will be kept in the strictest confidence.) 

Availability should be Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm EST, but there is flexibility. 

If you work weekends that is not necessary but appreciated as most of us work weekends.

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