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What is the iChess Affiliate Program?

If you have an audience of chess fans, you can earn money as an iChess Affiliate. Use unique affiliate links in your social media, blog, or messages, and when somebody buys, you earn a commission.

Login to the Affiliate Dashboard

Check your clicks & earnings.

Read the Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Click here to read the Affiliate Terms & Conditions. By participating in the affiliates program, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Sign up for the iChess Affiliate Program

Fill up the form and start earning money by promoting iChess products in your blog or social media. It might take a few days for new affiliates to be approved, iChess doesn’t have high requirements, but we would like to know how you intend to promote our products.

Create an Affiliate Custom Link

Affiliate links are useful for linking directly to a specific product page with the affiliate tracking automatically added to the URL.

Summary of the Commission Structure

The commission amount is calculated on the transaction amount. If the affiliate refers a user to a $10, and the user ends up buying that product plus a $500 product, then the commission is calculated on the total (except for excluded categories).

Transaction Amount (TA)

– TA < $10 => 30% commission.

– $10 < TA < $25 => 25% commission.

– $25 < TA < $50 => 20% commission.

– $50 < TA < $100 => 15% commission.

– $100 < TA < $200 => 10% commission.

– TA > $200 => 5% commission.
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