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About Us CEO & FIDE Master William Stewart

iChess.Club Launched!

We published iChess.Club in January 2019 to capitalize on our biggest strengths: our offering of 1,000 chess DVDs, our network with other chess companies and experienced Grandmasters, and our experience in producing the best chess videos on the planet.

iChess Club Gives You:

  • $19.97 in Store Credit Every Month
  • 40% Off All 1,000+ DVDs On Our Site
  • Exclusive Access To New Premium GM Videos
  • Half Off Your First Month

THE HISTORY OF iCHESS (formerly started in 2011 with the goal of helping people learn chess. We began making videos for our YouTube channel accompanied by detailed articles on our website blog. Then we launched our business in Spanish as to help an entirely new community learn chess. But we still felt that we could offer much more to the chess world…

We pivoted to producing our own video series in 2012-2013, and to date we have published over 2,000 hours of premium content for and Our flagship chess DVD series:

  • Master Method – 30+ courses X 15 hours each by nearly 2 dozen different GMs, representing a profound introduction and explanation of each player’s unique philosophy and approach to chess improvement.
  • Empire Chess – 100+ courses X 3 hours each by dozens of GMs and IMs, more focused on a specific chess opening in each DVD volume.
  • Deep Dive – 10+ courses X 8 hours each by GM Damian Lemos, deeply investigating a chess opening system.
  • 80/20 Tactics – A growing series of nearly 10 courses X 8 hours each, analyzing an extended series of tactics and frequent combinations in a specific opening.

I am personally involved in the production of every chess DVD at iChess, so I always want to bring a different type of value for our audience. You will notice that all of our chess video series focus on a specific pain point that most chess players face, and I am trying to work closely with each presenter to make sure that their content is presented at the highest quality and ideal format.

I am also heavily committed to offering the highest quality customer experience, so if you ever have a problem with any iChess product, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Please reach out to me personally via our Contact Form and I will make sure that you are satisfied with your experience at

Best Of Luck!
Will Stewart

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