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About Us

Freddy-Lansky-William-Stewart-about-pageiChess.NET is a chess enthusiast website as well as a chess shop that specializes in selling digital chess products, particularly premium chess videos by world renowned chess Grandmasters and masters.

Our chess shop stocks virtually every chess DVD ever made in both digital and physical form at the lowest prices available on the internet. We are most known for our Empire Chess premium DVD series that can be found in chess shops all around the world. We also stock some other chess products including chess software by ChessBase as well as some physical products.

Outside of our shop we are known for our highly popular YouTube chess channels in English and Spanish, which combined receive over half a million video views per month. The channels only host videos by FIDE chess masters (FM), International Masters (IM) and Grandmasters (GM) with GMs forming 75% of the new content by 2014. We also host a chess blog that has been updated at least twice a week (usually more) since January 2011 so you can always be assured to see new content. We’ve worked out special deals with other chess producers as well where we put out tons of free long previews (at least a full chapter) of our premium content and that of our partners, as well as produce tons of standalone free video lectures.

Our Story

GM-Damian-Lemos-about-pageiChess LLC (a.k.a. iChess.NET, iChess.ES, or simply iChess) was founded in January 2011 by FIDE master William Stewart and tech entrepreneur Freddy Lansky. Both of them were living in Buenos Aires Argentina at the time working odd jobs for various Internet entrepreneurs and learning the ropes of what it takes to run an online business. William was already teaching chess online at the time, finding clients from ICC as well as from Craigslist. Freddy came up with the idea to get more clients by starting a chess blog as well as a YouTube chess channel to get more clients. Their plan quickly worked and soon they filled up William’s schedule and brought on 3 more chess masters to teach the overflow of students. In late 2012 iChess.NET shifted its focus from private tutoring to selling premium chess videos, first in digital form and then in physical form as well.

By the end of 2012 iChess.NET stocked hundreds of chess videos by many different producers including GM Igor Smirnov, GingerGM and ChessOnDVD (Foxy/Roman’s Lab etc). The videos sold so well that in early 2013 iChess.NET decided to produce their own Chess DVD series known as the Empire Chess Series (Imperio Ajedrez in Spanish), bringing in new Grandmaster commentators and taking the audio and video quality of Chess DVDs to the next level. In early 2013 Argentine Grandmaster Damian Lemos joined the iChess.NET team, taking the online chess world by storm. He immediately became the main face for iChess.NET as well as iChess’ Empire Chess series. However, over 20 other Grandmasters have produced videos for the series as well.

By 2013 the company grew to over 8 employees and William could no longer handle being the main YouTube personality for the company along with his management duties. GM Damian Lemos took over the role of main chess video YouTube personality for iChess.NET in mid 2013, as well as social media manager. In 2013 iChess LLC also expanded into eBay and, as well as moving into the wholesale market for chess DVDs with their Empire Chess series.

Empire Chess has been a huge success with over 90 DVDs produced (in both English and Spanish combined) as of early 2014.

By January 2014 iChess LLC had produced over 500 free YouTube videos in English and over 250 in Spanish and has stocked their store with over 500 different premium chess DVDs (Almost every premium chess video ever made is available in the shop).

In 2015 iChess looks forward to continuing to expand into physical products, the mobile chess software market and continuing to provide free quality content to our fans.

Thank you for being a fan!

– Freddy Lansky, FM William Stewart & GM Damian Lemos


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