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Lemos Deep Dive - The Larsen’s Opening 1.b3

GM Darmian Lemos takes a Deep Dive into 1.b3, The Larsen’s Opening. This might just be the most underrated first move in chess but  GM Lemos shows you how this meek opening can be a stone-cold killer. In this 6½-hour Deep Dive, Lemos takes ideas from the modern approach with ideas from the likes of Carlsen, Nakamura, and Karjakin and condenses them into a solid repertoire for White.

Attacking Chess – Hunt The King! Gm Damian Lemos

The 5 Mistakes All Chess Club Players Make

Discover the mistakes in chess that may be holding you back. Knowing these 5 mistakes (and how to avoid them) is the first step to chess mastery.

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