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[Free Training!] Mind-Bending Exchange Sacrifices with IM Valeri Lilov!!


This Saturday at noon EST, IM Valeri Lilov presents a chess webinar dedicated to the classic theme of the exchange sacrifice, one of the most powerful positional weapons at your disposal – if you know when and how to play it!

Forget the standard values for the pieces! The Exchange Sac is all about changing perceptions: Mind-bending imbalances, temporary advantages, and the ability to see when knights and bishops can dominate rooks, no matter what conventional wisdom might say!

IM Valeri Lilov explains how to use Exchange Sacs to:

  • Create Sparkling Kingside Attacks
  • Utilize brilliant Defensive Dark-Square Strategy
  • Make Positional Offers That Can’t Be Refused, and
  • Exploit Dominating Central Knights.

Some of what to expect:

  • Watch how the legendary Paul Keres demolishes the enemy kingside, via the removal of a key defending piece;
  • Learn from Ulf Andersson’s masterly defensive sacrifice, as he keeps Garry Kasparov at bay with superb dark-square domination;
  • See how Mikhail Botvinnik turns a negative into a positive with the sensational …Rd4! ‘hanging’ positional exchange sac, transforming his crippled pawn structure to control the play; and
  • Be wowed by Garry Kasparov’s far-sighted sac against Beliavsky as he grabs the initiative to demonstrate how a centralized knight can leave a rook helpless.

If you want to add a powerful, game-winning strategy to your skillset, make sure you join IM Lilov for this free training!

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