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GingerGM Explains How to Think in Chess


GingerGM Explains How to Think in Chess

In chess, you have to make a decision every time it comes to making a move, and you have to think in the right way in order to make that decision the correct one! How do we do that? If you can answer this question, then you will dramatically improve your results.

GM Simon Williams (a.k.a. GingerGM) has created a brand new course which focuses on decision making. Simon knows that it’s much easier to make good moves while you are attacking, so his course has two main parts:

  • A complete repertoire, with both colors, to reach good and clear positions. In this part, he doesn’t focus too much on opening theory, but more so on the typical middlegame plans and ideas, which are far more useful for practical players.
  • Training to enhance your chess skills: discover how to improve your visualization powers, how to calculate and attack the right way, how to keep the pressure on every move and stop your opponent’s plans.

GingerGM Method 2: Revolutionize your Chess is the course that every chess fan has been waiting for!

You will receive the tools, and the methods to improve them over and over again, to sky-rocket your playing level!

In this free preview of the course, Simon introduces his training methods, explaining the general idea behind this ambitious course.

Then, in the first chapter, he uses his own chess development as a player to show you his typical mistakes. You may identify with his early clueless play, as his mistakes are the same that he has seen in many of his own students.

Next, he explains how he overcame his difficulties, how he changed his thinking process in order to create plans according to each position.

Do you want to get the complete training program, with the full opening repertoire that guarantees you attacking positions? Click here to get GingerGM Method 2: Revolutionize your Chess at 50% off!

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