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The Noteboom, A Dynamic Answer to 1.d4


The Noteboom – A Dynamic Answer to 1.d4

Sometimes, facing off against 1.d4 might seem a little boring – you want to play aggressive, dynamic chess, but what to do after 1.d4? IM Sopiko Guramishvili suggests you play the Noteboom.

The Noteboom is one of the main lines of the Triangle System. Sopiko gives an in-depth analysis of this dynamic choice in her chess24 course, The Triangle Slav.

In this free preview, she introduces you to this system and White’s main deviations of the Noteboom, which starts with 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 c6 4.Nc4 dxc4!

Black would love to keep the c4 pawn, and so follows up with …b5. White has ways to recover the pawn, especially using the pawn break b2-b3, but Black has a very aggressive idea to counter-attack it. Black will answer bxc4 with …b5-b4!, creating two powerful passed pawns on the b- and a-files.The Noteboom - A Dynamic Answer to 1.d4

This idea can be seen in the main variation (diagram).

White just played 10.b3, attacking our c4-pawn. We can’t defend it, and 10…cxb3 11.Bxb5+, followed by 12.Qxb3, would give White easy development.

So, Black must play 10…Bb7! in order to defend the rook on a8, so that after 11.bxc4 b4!, Black has created a menacing pawn structure on the queenside.

It’s important to play 10…Bb7, as after any other move, such as 10…Nf6?!, White could play 11.bxc4 b4? 12.Bxb4!, taking advantage of the hanging rook on a8.

The middlegame that arises from this opening is a perfect choice for anybody who wants to play for the win, as the unbalanced pawn structure gives a lot of dynamic ideas, for both players! You’ll need a profound knowledge of this system, and Sopiko provides just that in her full course.

Do you want to incorporate the Noteboom into your opening repertoire? Then, you need to study the full Triangle System. Click here to get the full IM Sopiko Guramishvili premium chess24 course and expand your opening repertoire.

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