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Endgame Tactics with GM Csaba Balogh


Endgame Tactics with GM Csaba Balogh (FIDE 2634)

Beginners and even club players usually say that “endgames are boring”. But this is clearly a misconception!

Endgames are full of beautiful combinations, deep ideas and tricky moves! If you don’t believe me, you must watch this free preview of the brand new Csaba Balogh Method: Secrets of Modern Masterpieces.

Super GM and former European Youth Champion Csaba Balogh (2634) has collected 43 games worthy of the “masterpiece” title, each one an instructive example of the 5 skills critical for practical success: endgame tactics, converting a space advantage, sacrificing material, fighting chess and perfect preparation.

In this free preview, we are going to see only a fraction of Endgame Tactics chapter, in which he shows 15 of the most spectacular endings you have ever seen.

The first example is shown on the right. Can you discover Black’s combo? Endgame Tactics with GM Csaba Balogh1

At first sight, is easy to see that Black is in trouble. He has a horrible bishop and the white King is penetrating into Black’s position. BUT, tactics decide the game!

Black, in fact, has a winning combination. With the move 1…Rxe5! he creates a passed pawn, that isn’t easy to stop!

The Rc5 can’t move, but after 2.dxe5 d4 3.Kf4, White king seems to be just in time to do it.

Now, you have a new opportunity to show that you are sharp enough. Black to play en win!

Endgame Tactics with GM Csaba Balogh2Black, in fact, can activate his bishop with 3…g5+!! 4.hxg4 h4! 5.gxh4, and only now Black can interrupt the king’s march with 5…e3! 6.fxe3 d3, when the pawn is unstoppable. The key of the previous moves is that 7.Kf3 is answered with 7…Bh5+! and 8…d2, queening.


Do you want to discover more incredible endings while learning how to play the last phase of the game? Do you want to learn from the most brilliant masterpieces of the last decade?

Click here to get your own copy of the brand new Csaba Balogh Method: Secrets of Modern Masterpieces with a 50% off!

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