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Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire with GM Sokolov


Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire with GM Sokolov

Creating an opening repertoire shouldn’t be a quick affair. After all, you will be playing the same openings for a long time. And if you don’t get confortable positions, then your will be doomed on the middlegame.

Do you know what openings are good for you? Do you like to receive advice, on this and also other topics, from a top player?

In the brand new course Sokolov Method: Dynamic Chess Secrets, GM Ivan Sokolov (several times ranked #12 of the world) brings you 15 hours of elite training to transform your game.

From building an opening repertoire that works for you to the 10 endgames you really must know, Dynamic Chess Secrets gives you everything you need to become a dominant competitive player.

In this free preview of the Sokolov Method, the famous trainer will give you the best tips to discover what openings you should include in your repertoire, and what you must stop playing!

Next, he will show you how the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, exploits his strengths and his opponent’s weaknesses to obtain the advantage from the opening without playing any theory!

One the most stricking examples of Sokolov’s knowledge is illustrated in the next diagram: Sokolov Method

Here, it’s Black to play. How do you think he should develop his pieces?

Sokolov thinks that Wei Yi, with the black pieces, was surprised in the opening, and that he didn’t was prepared for this opening. And, even more important, his style was not adequate for this type of position.

Here, Black played 8…Nc5, a logical move that Sokolov condemns. Why? Because he seems a clear similarity between this position and the Breyer Variation of the Ruy Lopez (!) and he should be playing like in that variation. Amazing!

If you want to understand how he uses his knowledge in one opening to play another one, then no one better than the man himself. Watch the free preview and upgrade your opening repertoire with pro tips!

If you want to improve your game from the opening to the endgame to become a dominant competitive player, then you must get the new Sokolov Method: Dynamic Chess Secrets.

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