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Most Powerful Chess Calculation Techniques by GM Nadya Kosintseva


Most Powerful Chess Calculation Techniques by GM Nadya Kosintseva

Most amateur games are won (or lost) because of blunders or bad calculation. That’s a fact.

So, improving your calculation ability will dramatically improve your results in your own games.

But how to do it? What’s the secret to calculate long, accurate variations in a short time?

In the brand new Killer Chess Skills – The Kosintseva Method, former Russian champion GM Nadya Kosintseva brings you 15 hours of training on every aspect of the game, transforming you from club player to chess machine.

And in this free preview, you will learn the killing Calculation Method that all the GMs use. And, even more crucial, how to implement it in your own games!

The clear, structural method Nadya presents is easy to understand and will avoid any major blunder. And will help you to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes!

Look the next diagram, where Black has just played 25…Rb4Calculation Method

In this position, White seems to be in big problems. Both his pawns on d4 and a5 are in danger.

Take your time, evaluate the position, calculate and decide how to play with the White pieces.

After seeing this course, it will be clear for you that before starting calculating, you must do a list of candidate moves, that should have every check, capture and threat.

If you do your homework, you will find that 26.Qc3! wins! But, before concluding this, you must check the variations after 26…Nxd4!?, that are clearly explained in this free preview.

If you find it too difficult, then this course will be a eye-opener, showing you how to master the game and dominate your opponents from start to finish.

Killer Chess Skills – The Kosintseva Method is what you have dream of! Click here to get your copy and start winning more and more games!

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