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GM Simon Williams (GingerGM) on How to Build a Solid Foundation


Build a Solid Foundation with GM Simon Williams! (aka GingerGM)

I’m pretty sure that you like chess videos. If you look for chess instruction on youtube, then you probably had heard of GingerGM, as is known the GM Simon Williams.

His is the real combination of entertainment AND education.

In this FREE preview of his brand new GingerGM Method, you will explore the basics of the training method that he use to reach the IM title. All that he needed was a two-openings repertoire!

How can somebody get the IM title with only two openings? The answer is simply, but very important: incorporate so much opening patterns that you will be a real expert on the lines!

Look at the simple attacking pattern that allowed Simon to win tons of games: Solid Foundation with the GingerGM Method

Analyze the position for a few minutes and find an attacking plan for Black.

If you spend more than 2 seconds finding a plan, then must know this attacking pattern.

Black simply plays …Qe8-h5, …f4, …Bh3, …Ng4 and then mates! Ridiculously easy!

After this moves, the treats of …fxg3, …Rxf3 and …Bxg2 makes the h2-pawn impossible to defend.

But, obviously, this is not the only shortcut. You must see the complete FREE preview to learn the basics for a solid foundation.

See this FREE preview to discover:

  • Two attacking patterns to crush your opponents right from the opening.
  • How to use this attacking patterns (or whatever other patterns you feel comfortable with) to create an opening repertoire.

And, if you would love to optimize your training program so as to improve faster without studying for hours every day, then you must get the new GingerGM Method! 50%  off for just a few days!

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