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Winning Chess Tactics for Beginners by GM Damian Lemos


Chess tactics are extremely important players of all levels, but most relevant to beginner chess players. At the higher levels of chess, tactics are often very complex and combine different positional, strategic themes with an immediate tactical way of solving a problem. However at the beginner level in chess, tactics often decide a game immediately. For example if you are dropping a piece (or catching your opponent hanging a piece!) that should be enough to get a winning position. Tactics can be simple and direct, or tactics can involve several forcing moves to push your opponent around and dictate play. Tactics are an exceptionally important addition to the tournament player´s repertoire, and in the following chess video excerpt from the 2.5 hour Empire chess DVD ¨Chess Tactics of the Grandmasters¨ GM Damian Lemos explains the fundamental principles of strong tactical play.

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