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Empire Chess DVD Series is Here!


Hello fans. I’m glad to announce the Empire Chess DVD Series is here. We will have Volumes 1 -5 available for download within the next 48 hours with Volumes 6 – 10 coming out within the next 3 weeks. VOLUMES 1 – 10 ARE ALL AVAILABLE IN BOTH DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL FORM. By the end of this year we should have nearly 50 Volumes in our series by all of your favorite Grandmasters including GM Lenoid Kritz, GM Eugene Perleshteyn, GM Sam Shankland, GM Damien Lemos, GM Gregory Kaidanov and more.

Volumes 3, 4 and 5 feature GM Damien Lemos assisted by me going over some of the most cutting edge and exciting lines from the French, the Nimzo-Indian and the Bogo-Indian.

Sneak Peak of Empire Chess Volume 3

Sneak Peak of Empire Chess Volume 3

Thank you to all of our fans. We couldn’t do all this with out you.

Best Regards,

Willliam Stewart

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