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MatoJelic: Game Analysis by NM Stewart

Mato Jelic

Mato Jelic - Game Analysis

Mato Jelic

MatoJelic is one of the fastest rising YouTube chess channels in the game, having joined in early 2011 and currently boasting over 4,000 subscribers and 1.5 million total hits. MatoJelic’s style is very relaxed and really perfect for the beginner player. MatoJelic makes his points clearly and at a very understandable pace for the beginner chess player. His coverage is very diverse on the MatoJelic YouTube chess channel: featuring analysis of his own games, current GM games, classic games, and extensive series on openings and miniatures. MatoJelic’s youtube chess channel is a great place for beginner and intermediate players to watch great chess videos for free!

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White opens with 1. d4 and MatoJelic responds with the ultra-sharp ALekhine Variation of the Slav Defense, starting with 3. …dxc4 and 4. …b5. Black obtains a very reasonable position from the opening due to his extremely active piece-play, although white manages to create a long-term weakness on e6 as well as win the bishop pair. Black is further compensated by white’s knight on a2 that is totally out of play, leading to a very interesting, dynamically imbalanced position after 30. …Qxc5+. Black has good winning chances due to white’s pawn weaknesses on the queenside, however white is compensated by better coordination and black’s weak pawn on e6. MatoJelic actually had a winning line after 41. Qe5? by playing 42. Rb8! – however in time pressure he played 42. …b2 that allowed 43. Rb5. After a mass exchange of pawns, white came out with a clear advantage however black would have retained excellent drawing chances with 46. …Rg6 – simultaneously attacking the g3 pawn and defending black’s g7 pawn. After 46. …Rf1+ the position is lost for black. This game was a fantastic demonstration of the power of the initiative and after a well-played opening MatoJelic was unfortunate to make a few small errors in time-trouble towards the end.

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