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Karpov on Fischer: Fischer vs Spassky (1992 Return Match)

Bobby Fischer in 1992
Bobby Fischer in 1992

Bobby Fischer in 1992

Volume 3 of the 3-disc DVD set “Karpov on Fischer” provides Karpov’s perspective on why Fischer declined to play him in a World Chess Championship Match in 1975. Karpov expresses his sincere disappointment that Fischer refused to agree to reasonable match conditions in 1977/1978, and explains why he was forced to move on as Fischer’s demands were not legitimate and he believed Fischer simply did not want to defend his title against Karpov. Grandmasters Karpov and Henley proceed to analyze the famous 1992 “Historic Return Match” between Fischer and Spassky, where the former World Chess Champions played a well-analyzed rematch to the delight of the chess world. In this excerpt from Volume 3 of the 3-disc DVD “Karpov on Fischer”, a stellar analysis of game 25 of the Historic Return Match is presented by former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov and Grandmaster Ron W. Henley.

Game 25: 1992 Historic Match – Fischer vs Spassky

Spassky vs Fischer - 1992 Return Match

Spassky vs Fischer - 1992 Return Match

Against Spassky’s Classical Sicilian Defense, Fischer sets up the “English Attack” with 6. Be3, 7. Qd2 and 8. f3. With the thematic 10. g4! and 12. g5! Bobby gains space on the kingside and drives the key defensive knight from f6. The star move 15. Nb6! allows Fischer to exchange off his weak knight on a4 and eliminate a black defender. The White kingside attack was in full stride with 19. h5, 21. Rdg1 and 22. g6! so Spassky tried to hide his king in the corner with 22. …Bf6 and 23. …Kh8, but Fischer’s 24. Bg5! and 27. Rhg1 followed by 28. Rxg7 opened the g-file. Fischer took a timeout on the queenside for the precautionary 30. b3! and then tripled on the g-file with 32. Qg2! As the clever clearance pawn sacrifice – 33. Rg8+ and 25. h7! was preparing a devastating blow, Spassky realized Fischer was going to open the h-file and therefore resigned.

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