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Stonewall Attack – Sac to Attack – (Part 1)

In part 1 of my 4 part Stonewall Attack Beginner Series, I will explain the classic Stonewall structure and plan. Stay tuned for the next 3 parts coming out soon. The Stonewall attack is a powerful opening play by white that puts immediate and consistent pressure on black and prevent’s black from controlling the center.

StoneWall Attack Series

Prevent Black from playing e5!

White wants to control the dark squares in the center with his pawns, and balance this by controlling the central light squares with his minor pieces. It is very important to note that white must prevent black from playing e5 in the opening (4. f4!), which would give black a space advantage and excellent counterplay in the center.

Castling is not a defensive move, it’s a necessary step to guard your king before starting the attack

Learn how to employ the Stonewall Attack in this Chess Video

This video applies the 3 Basic Principles of Opening Play to the Stonewall Attack

1. Control the Center (quickly establishing a bind on the dark squares with d4, e3, and f4 – and creating an excellent outpost on e5).

2. Develop Your Pieces Actively (compensate for the natural light-square weakness by deploying your pieces accurately – Bd3, Nd2, Nf3 –> Ne5, etc..)

3. Get Your King Safe! (castling is not a defensive move, it is a necessary step to guard your king before starting the attack)

Now … learn about the wild piece sacs!

After completing the opening stage, white is perfectly set up to attack the black king. With an excellent bind on the center, black is unable to achieve rapid counterplay – enabling white to focus exclusively on the attack against the black king. With a classical Stonewall Attack sacrifice 13. Bxh7+! – white tears open the black king’s pawn cover and begins an immediate and straightforward attack on the H-file (14. Qh5+ 15. Rf3 and 17. Rh3). White continues the attack with another bold sacrifice (18. Rxh5) and the resulting position guarantees white excellent winning chances with a knight and 3 pawns for a black rook. This game is a classic example of the Stonewall Attack: entirely stopping black’s counterplay in the center, actively developing white’s pieces in preparation for a decisive kingside attack, and sacrificing without hesitation to take full advantage of black’s lack of activity in the center.

About my Beginner Series

Beginner Chess SeriesMy new beginner series is specifically made for those of you just starting out in the game of chess. Anytime you see an article or video marked as a beginner series chess video or beginner series chess article you’ll know its instructive and easy to understand. Stay tuned as we will be releasing many more beginner chess videos and beginner chess articles in the upcoming weeks. By the time I’m done you’ll know the best chess openings for beginners! Please don’t forget to share and leave a comment if you enjoyed this article.

Stay tuned for the next 3 articles and videos on the Stonewall Attack

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