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Most people associate getting better at chess with 8 hour long sessions studying the intricacies of rook and pawn endings or frantic memorization of the latest trend in opening theory. Truth is, there are a number of "quick fixes" we can all apply to our game to avoid those painful defeats and start taking down even our toughest rivals. Now GM Damian Lemos reveals his top tips for rapid chess improvement in a free email course.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • How one simple switch in your mindset will allow you to dominate games from move 1
  • Why king safety is often an illusion - and how to shatter your rival's false sense of security with an unstoppable attack
  • How to use your opponent's assumptions against them - channel your inner Paul Morphy with one shocking move after another!

If you're serious about getting better at chess and want "all killer, no filler" material, get this rapid improvement course and benefit from the top tips from a GM!

Please note: The fully customized masterclass will be ready very soon. For now, we are putting you in our general club level player rapid improvement masterclass. Once your customized class is ready you will automatically be enrolled.

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