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Trompowsky Secrets!


"We really appreciate you being part of the iChess community and wanted to show that by giving you a fantastic free course!  

This is Trompowsky Secrets, the mini-course IM Levy Rozman has just created for you!  

The Trompowsky Attack is an opening system you can learn in a single weekend and you can play it more violently than a bloodthirsty caveman or quietly and peacefully like a Buddhist monk. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • 7 Simple Piece Paths For Knowing EXACTLY Where Your Pieces Belong! (diagram) No more time trouble, much fewer bad positions, and blindingly quick blitz play!
  • How to Quickly Transition From a Positional Edge, to Direct Confrontation with 2-3 Hammer-Blows! 
  • The Sneaky Move Order Trick For Destroying His Pawn Structure! This tricky idea leads black to play “natural” moves — only to discover that he’s landed in a Queen’s Gambit, but ALSO nursing crippling pawn weaknesses. You will devastate opponents with this!

Get your copy of Trompowsky Secrets - Free until Dec 16 only!

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