Wedge Chess Clock Bag

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Chess Clocks can be very expensive, and our new Wedge Chess Clock bag is the perfect way to safely transport your digital clock.

Wedge Chess Clock Bag 2
Wedge Chess Clock Bag

The bag is crafted from durable nylon, is well padded (for extra protection), and includes a carrying handle.

It holds all of our most popular Digital Chess clock styles, including the Saitek Competition/Competition Pro, The Game Time II, the Zmart Fun II and the entire line of DGT Projects Digital Chess Clocks.

Wedge Chess Clock Bag
It is available in several fun colors, and is the perfect size for carrying your chess clock to and from club meetings and tournaments!

Colors available: Jungle Camo | Blue Camo |Royal Blue | Green | Navy Blue | Pink Camo | Desert Camo | Red | Black | Orange | Neon Blue | Neon Yellow | Neon Purple | Neon Green | Neon Red

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