Tricks & Traps Vol. 3 – In the Flank Openings – GM Nigel Davies (Physical Disc)




Tricks and traps, especially in the opening, are a dangerous reality of competitive chess. All sorts of surprises await the unwary player, from devastating sacrifices to cunning move order ploys. A knowledge of such ideas is essential if a player wants to be the hunter rather than the victim.

On this DVD, GM Nigel Davies presents thematic tricks and traps that can arise in Flank Openings such as the English, Reti, Larsen’s Opening (1.b3) and the Bird (1.f4), breaking them down into different categories.

The examples are designed to appeal to players of every level and feature a wide variety of systems. Besides coverage of some of the purely tactical traps, Nigel Davies looks at some positional traps that can occur in Flank Openings which can lead to miserable positions if players are unaware of them.

He also puts an emphasis on the psychological side of things and explains why a trap is likely to succeed. Accordingly, the viewer should learn things that help his game as a whole.

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