Tournament Chess Boards

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House of Staunton
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Tournament Chess Boards

Crafted in Europe, these House of Staunton wooden Tournament chess boards are made in various wood selections! Choose your preferred wood combination for your board frame, dark and light squares.

Smoked Oak and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

These chessboards are 0.5″ thick, have a satin finish, and have the Rank and File Labels, making them an excellent training tool. They have 2.25″ Squares with a board dimension of 21.25″ x 21.25″.

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  • Without All (No Notation, No Logo)
  • With Notation (No Logo)
  • With Notation and Logo
  • With Logo (No Notation)


Women’s World Champion GM Susan Polgar and teammate IM Irina Krush battle the Georgian (Russia) Women’s team at the 2004 FIDE Chess Olympiad on the Mahogany Frame Wooden Tournament Chessboard. World Champion Garry Kasparov takes on Academy Award (R) Nominated Actor Woody Harrelson on the White Birch Frame Wooden Tournament Chessboard.


Standard Chess Board Carrying Bag
Standard Chess Board Carrying Bag

These Tournament Chess boards fit inside a 24″ x 24″ carrying bag. Grab a Standard or Deluxe carrying bag:

  • The Standard Chess Board Bag provides a high level of protection for your chessboard. The exterior of the bag is made out of a high-grade canvas that shields your chessboard from scratches, dirt, and water.
  • The Deluxe Chess Board Bag provides the highest level of protection for your chessboard. The bag’s exterior is made of a high-grade canvas that shields your chessboard from scratches, dirt, water, and other damaging substances. The interior of the bag is heavily padded to protect the chessboard from dings that can occur while transporting the chessboard.

Additional information

Board Finish

Matte, Satin


Maple, Rosewood, Smoked Oak

Folding Board


Square Size

2.25'' inch / 5.7 cm

Chess Board Height

0.5" inches

Chess Board Footprint

21.25 x 21.25 in.

Production House

Select Wood

Indian Rosewood and Maple, Smoked Oak and Maple

Board Options

Without All (No Notation, No Logo), With Notation (No Logo), With Notation and Logo, With Logo (No Notation)

Storage Bag Options

Standard, Deluxe