Too Hot To Handle: The King’s Indian Defense – FM Kamil Plichta

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Too Hot To Handle: The King's Indian Defense - Fm Kamil Plichta

Too Hot To Handle…

FM Kamil Plichta doesn’t play the King’s Indian Defense to equalize. He plays the KID to win games! And so should you.

In this full KID repertoire, a complete repertoire against 1.d4, Chessable’s Polish powerhouse presents his ultimate sizzling hot response to White.

FM Plichta’s Too Hot To Handle trainer is all about getting some heat on the board early. Here, the author has made that his mission.

Why play the King’s Indian Defense?

Playing the 1… Nf6 the KID you signal you have no intention of heading for a draw. Survival is about to get very difficult for White.

The KID is a hypermodern opening which means Black doesn’t follow one of the basic chess principles: to fight for the center from the start of the game.

Black’s basic concept is to let White take over the center and lure our opponent into a false sense of safety. Then, Black fights back with active pieces.

The KID is a fiery opening that is beloved of attacking players. Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov were two of the greatest players ever and huge KID fans.

But before them, Geller, Gligoric, Stein, and Bronstein were all devotees, and more recently Hikaru Nakamura and Teimour Radjabov also decided to hop into it.

Why FM Plichta’s repertoire is different

  • FM Plichta, the author of Reign Supreme: The King’s Indian Attack for White, has created a new and exciting repertoire tailored to avoid theory meaning the number of lines you need to learn is at a minimum.
  • It is tricky and original.
  • FM Plichta brings new ideas to the KID but has also deliberately simplified his lines to make the choices uncomfortable for White.

The KID is a popular opening, for good reason, but that means White often knows what’s coming. Not with FM Plichta’s repertoire, though. Here’s why:
♞ Avoid theory with 7… exd4 in the Classical;
♞ f7-f5 break only recommended when it gives an advantage or is necessary;
♞ White needs to play very precisely to get any edge;
♞ Sidelines in almost every variation explored;
♞ Less popular lines deliberately chosen when they are equally strong;
♞ Chapters are ordered from the most popular lines to sidelines;
♞ A full 1.d4 repertoire for Black;
♞ Original lines and variations that have never been published;
♞ Database statistics for White after every theoretical move.

Plus, the course also comes with a Quickstarter Guide to get you firing on all cylinders in no time!

FM Plichta’s Too Hot To Handle repertoire is fiery and intense to face. Let your opponent take the heat while you stay cool.

As FM Plichta says, less theory = more fun!

FM Kamil Plichta is a very experienced author, he knows all the tricks to get the best out of his courses.

“I wish you a wonderful journey with the King’s Indian Defence. Let this wonderful opening guide you as well as it has guided me for more than 15 years.”
– Kamil Plichta, Koszalin 2019


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