Thoughts on strategy – GM Matthew Sadler

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Strategy is a crucial element of chess strength, but it often ignored, at least to some degree, by club players. Knowing how to evaluate a position, form a plan and execute it to perfection is the sign of a sophisticated player, and GM Matthew Sadler teaches exactly these skills in this 2 hour course.

Using four of his own games, Matthew shows how he makes decisions and assesses positions. Taking into account pawn structure, piece activity, outposts, possible pawn breaks, weak color complexes, weak squares, and lines that can be opened, Matthew finds plans, evaluates them, and makes a choice between them.

This whole process is one to be internalized through repetition, and listening to Sadler’s explanations will help you think in a structured way and find the most powerful continuations.


1. Who is Matthew Sadler?
2. Sadler vs Bosman – Part 1
3. Sadler vs Bosman – Part 2
4. Sadler vs Simonian – Part 1
5. Sadler vs Simonian – Part 2
6. Sadler vs Peng
7. Bosch vs Sadler

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