The Scheveningen Sicilian – GM Lubomir Ftacnik (Physical Disc)

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The Scheveningen Sicilian - GM Lubomir Ftacnik
The Scheveningen Sicilian – GM Lubomir Ftacnik

The name Sicilian Defence (1.e4 c5) describes a number of systems, each of which could easily be considered as an independent opening.

The problems in the Paulsen, Richter Rauzer, or Sveshnikov are complex, but the Sicilian pawn structures tie them all together.

The Scheveningen Sicilian is central to an understanding of all the individual versions of the most popular response to the move 1.e4 – including the related Najdorf system.

The Scheveningen Sicilian - GM Lubomir Ftacnik
The Scheveningen Sicilian – GM Lubomir Ftacnik

GM Ftacnik sets out to explain the vitality of the key Scheveningen Sicilian line, a rich position offering scores of different plans for both sides.

Players will learn to respect the importance of Black’s central pawn structure d6, e6 and its deep and essential relationship to the different d6, e5 formation.

All the grand attacking plans for White, led by the aggressive g2-g4 idea in the form of the Keres attack or currently by the wildly popular English attack, are explained with the help of the games by the world’s best players.

The Scheveningen Sicilian DVD will enhance the way you see and understand all Sicilian systems.

GM Lubomir Ftacnik
Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik

About the Author:

Lubomir Ftacnik is a Slovak grandmaster with decades of experience in international chess.

As a younger member of a strong chess generation in former Czechoslovakia, he helped to win silver at the Luzern Chess Olympiad in 1982.

Most of his fellow grandmasters have been keen defenders of Gruenfeld Defence and the author has come up with his share of ideas in various lines.

The work on the Gruenfeld DVD is the fruit of 30 years of experience with this active and rewarding opening.

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