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S. Sankaranarayanan

Though not as meaty as Igor Kh

Though not as meaty as Igor Khelmnitsky's Chess Rating Exam (Which I also highly recommend), I am quite satisfied with what it does - namely test your ability to handle positions of different levels of difficulty. Speaking as a USCF 1500 player striving to improve, It is my opinion that Test, Evaluate and Improve your Chess is one of those books you need to visit before you even think of approaching advanced texts like Silman's books or My System. I believe many adult players today are deluded into thinking they are way better than their rating suggests they might be, and immerse themselves in books way over their head. They then embarrass themselves in tourneys against stronger competition who don't have "missing holes" or "gaps" in their application of chess technique or knowledge. (Surprise, Surprise!) They then get into denial about it and buy more books useless for their level. This book however says "if you think you're this good you should certainly know how to play these kinds of positions in your sleep by now...and if you can't, well, put that opening book away and get to the real heart of the problem with your game". Some of you may disagree, but this is just my opinion and I fully believe Dr.Kopec's book is a good step towards chess-rehab. for those stuck at a ratings-plateau.


This book represents the sum of Dr. Kopec’s overall efforts to help chessplayers understand and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve chess mastery. Dr. Kopec and Hal Terrie have produced a book which will surely advance the science of chess.

This book is the third in a series that represents testing and evaluation of human and computer chessplayers for over 30 years. The original work started with the Bratko-Kopec Test in 1982 whereby 24 positions proved very effective in evaluating the leave of both human and computer chess players.

This led to the development of five tests which comprised the 1997 first edition of this book. For the 2003 edition, Kopec and Terrie added two tests bringing them to a total of 182 positions comprising seven tests.

These tests are particularly knowledge-based covering all phases and all levels of chess play. The present edition, our third, adds five new tests, covering the openings including Novice (1000-1499) Intermediate (1500-1999), Advanced (2000-2199) and Super-Advance (2200 – 2700).

A test covering the subtleties of King and Pawn Endings has also been added. The new 2013 edition also has all the tests re-ordered by a level of difficulty.

All in all, there are 304 positions in this new comprehensive edition. The book promises to be an excellent tool for self-study and for the study of chess in classes. It is an invaluable tool for instructors.

Kopec and Terrie

3rd Edition

April 2013

422 Pages


Gives players of all ability levels the tools they need to determine their approximate rating and ability level. — Chess Journalist, Ed Scimia, October 27, 2003
Includes 182 positions designed to identify weaknesses in your game; analysis of same is the key to improvement. — National Chess Master Vincent Klemm, October 27, 2003
Kopec gives several tests and rates the reader in self-evaluation. Positions from actual chess games are used. — National Chess Master, chess coach and teacher Alan Kantor, October 27, 2003

Paperback, August 2003

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306 Pages

Publication Date

April 1, 2013


U.S. Chess Press