Sneaky Anti-Sicilians – IM Lawrence Trent

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IM Lawrence Trent gives you a wide array of unusual ways to play against the Sicilian Defence – a must for every 1.e4 player!

Even if you play the main lines of the open Sicilian, having a few anti-Sicilians in your repertoire will cause your opponents much more difficult problems by taking them outside their comfort zone early on.

IM Lawrence Trent reveals how to play 5 different anti-Sicilians in the Alapin (also known as the 2.c3 Sicilian), the Grand Prix Attack (2.Nc3 and 3.f4), the positional approach of 2.Nc3 and 3.Bb5, the Chameleon variation (2.Nc3 and 3.Nge2) and the Zaitsev variation (2. Nf3, 3.d4 and 4.Qxd4).

Not only do these systems give you the benefit of surprise, you can also dictate the nature of the game, directing play into wild attacks, quiet closed positions or somewhere in-between.

If you wish to take away your opponent’s book knowledge and force them to play on your territory then IM Trent’s course is what you need.


1. Introduction to the Anti-Sicilians
2. The Alapin Sicilian with 2…Nf6
3. The Alapin with 2…d5
4. The Grand Prix Attack
5. The Grand Prix Attack with Bb5
6. 2.Nc3 and 3.Bb5 – the positional approach
7. The Chameleon Variation
8. The Zaitsev Sicilian

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2 hours 10 minutes





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