Secrets of Chess Strategy (Intermediate)

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Polgar Chess University: Secrets of Chess Strategy 


As you become a stronger chess player, the advantages you get in your games will become smaller than before. Whereas beginners might aim to win a piece to guarantee a win, at higher levels often a positional advantage is all that is needed.

In this 15 hour bundle, GM Susan Polgar looks at the most important components of positional chess, examining pawn structures, the relative value of the pieces, how to coordinate pieces most effectively and matters of chess technique.

Even with completely level material, one side may have an overwhelming advantage because of the superior quality of their pieces. Susan’s lessons focus on what makes a position or a piece good or bad and precisely how to achieve (or avoid) that position.

Knowing what to aim for and how to assess a position is enough to give you a winning position against even strong players if their assessment isn’t as accurate.

Susan also goes further into the secrets of chess strategy, using real-world examples to show how top players realize their goal. The ability to plan effectively is considered the sign of a good player as it combines positional evaluation, calculation, and maneuvering. Completing this course will enrich your chess understanding and strategical ability.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – The importance of the 7th rank
Lesson 02 – Weak squares, outposts and King activity
Lesson 03 – The power of the Bishop pair
Lesson 04 – Doubled pawns
Lesson 05 – Winning with the long diagonal
Lesson 06 – Understanding exchanges
Lesson 07 – Gaining time in chess
Lesson 08 – How to play in closed positions pawn breakthroughs
Lesson 09 – Understanding zugzwang
Lesson 10 – Saving the game with a perpetual check
Lesson 11 – Converting your advantage into a win
Lesson 12 – Recognizing critical moments
Lesson 13 – The Kings Indian Attack
Lesson 14 – Winning against doubled pawns
Lesson 15 – Dominating with the 7th rank
Lesson 16 – The King is a strong piece
Lesson 17 – Finding hidden resources
Lesson 18 – In-between moves and chess technique
Lesson 19 – Backward pawns
Lesson 20 – Pawn breakthroughs
Lesson 21 – Choosing when to check
Lesson 22 – Attention to detail   the weakness of the back-rank
Lesson 23 – Tempi and material
Lesson 24 – Good Knight vs bad Bishop
Lesson 25 – Surprising early Queen moves
Lesson 26 – Opening traps you must know
Lesson 27 – Questions on the openings
Lesson 28 – Effective prophylaxis
Lesson 29 – The initiative vs material
Lesson 30 – Typical ideas in the Queens Gambit Declined
Lesson 31 – Unexpected in-between moves
Lesson 32 – Strategy – the isolated pawn
Lesson 33 – Strategy – dominance of Rooks on 7th rank
Lesson 34 – Ideas in the Queen pawn openings
Lesson 35 – Paying attention to the opponent’s resources

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