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It is widespread that chess ga

It is widespread that chess games be annotated by the involved players themselves, but sometimes that produce biased comments. The advantage of that is the inside feeling that only the person who played the game can write about. Nevertheless this book is a great effort and a very good achievement comparable to Zurich 1953 by Bronstein. Even though the authors were not part of the tournament they are writing about, the did their job and produced a masterpiece. Comments and variations are wll balanced, specially considering that most of the games were very high level and complex. I congratulate and thank the authors, and I reccomend this book to anyone, althoug it is more suitable for advanced players. In this times of a chess books bonanza, this one puts a high point.

Jonathan Y.

This is a top-notch book about

This is a top-notch book about a very interesting tournament. I'm mainly writing this review to clear up the fact that the problem other reviewers mention about analysis being hard to distinguish from game moves is not an issue in the 2nd edition version of the book that is being sold now. To get a good idea of what the book is like, you can download a pdf excerpt from the Quality Chess web-site.

M. Parris

The book arrived promptly and

The book arrived promptly and in great conditon. To me, price is the most important thing. The fact that it was great quality was a huge bonus.

Lawrence S. Tamarkin "USCF Life Chess Master" (Levittown, New York USA)

This is unquestionably the mos

This is unquestionably the most detailed chess analysis of the games of the San Lois 2005 World chess championship event ever done; there are plenty of words explaining the complex variations to go along with the technical analysis. The main problem going through the notes is not the density of the notes but that the sub variations are not as clearly separated out as one could desire with the modern chess database and word programs that were available to the author's - That being said, the authors do a great job of describing the players and the history of various lines that the players are using in the games. There is also quite a lot of pictures (Probably really too many) of the players and some of the other people that made the event run smoothly. You really can't go wrong in buying this book except for its actual weight - It may well be the heaviest paperback chess book I've every owned so its not too convenient to take on trips to chess tournaments along with your notebook computer. But if you need to get some ideas in a day or two about some hyper-critical lines of openings like the English attack in the Sicilian Najdorf, or the Petroff, Queen's Indian and other often played openings variations discussed by the top players, then this is the kind of book you're going to want to look too - I only hope that the Authors Alik Gershon & Igor Nor do a similar book about the recent world championship tournament in Mexico that crowned Vishy Anand the unified World Chess Champion! San Luis 2005 - Lawrence S. Tamarkin "USCF Life Chess Master" (Levittown, New York USA)

Morgan V. Holt (Tucson, AZ USA)

be aware of 2 things: 1: like

be aware of 2 things: 1: like another reviewer mentioned, the ACTUAL GAME MOVES and ANALYSIS MOVES are sometimes identical in appearance (same font and face, same line/paragraph) and it can get a little confusing keeping track of the main lines and side lines. kind of annoying. 2: this book is for the intermediate player and up, not for beginners AT ALL. it is heavy, dense analysis (with LOTS of opening theory) and requires the reader to really invest a solid hour or two into getting the full enjoyment of a single game. it is NOT the kind of book that follows the format of: "list three moves, mention a good positional move, list three more moves, mention a tactic, list three more moves, mention an error, etc..." with that being said: this book does a fantastic job of really taking the reader inside of san luis and puts them right in the games of the 2005 world championship. it was a fantastic tournament, with an unusually high amount of sharp, complex games... simply brilliant chess.


San Luis 2005 is the most celebrated chess tournament of the decade. Bulgarian Grandmaster Veselin Topalov triumphed and proved that he is a worthy successor to World Champions such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

Tournament books used to be a familiar part of chess literature with Zurich 1953 a classic example, however such books are now rare because of the huge effort they demand from the authors. Gershon and Nor have risen to the challenge and produced a book that is destined to become a modern classic, a magnificent book worthy of an extraordinary tournament. Many color photographs of the event and the surrounding Argentinean scenery help the reader feel what it was like to be at San Luis 2005.

Authors: Alik Gershon, Igor Nor, published in 2007, paperback 442 pages

****San Luis 2005 – Click Here to Download A Free 10 Page Excerpt****

“A book set to be a modern classic.” – GM Jonathan Rowson, New In Chess
“Your bookshelf cannot do without it.” – James Vigus, British Chess Magazine
“The production values are of the highest order. Quality paper, clear layout and superb printing make it a collector’s copy. The book is richly illustrated with colour photographs, capturing the moods of players at crucial moments… While the winners are applauded, the losers are treated with sympathy. Few books have captured the agony and ecstasy of tournament chess as this work has done.” Nagesh Havanur, Kingpin (full review)
“SAN LUIS 2005 might well be the finest tournament book of all time. For overall content and technical excellence, it’s clearly in a class by itself.” – IM Jeremy Silman

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April 1, 2007


Alik Gerson, Igor Nor


442 pages