Rocking the Ruy Lopez Chess Opening With Leonid Kritz

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Empire Chess Volume 20

Why is the Ruy Lopez opening the most popular chess opening ever played? Why do World Chess Champions love to play the Ruy Lopez? Why do chess trainers frequently recommend their students to play the Ruy Lopez? Because there does not exist a more versatile and dynamic chess opening (for both sides!).

To achieve great success with the Ruy Lopez opening, you must deeply understand the fine balance between long-term positional maneuvers and immediate tactical combinations. This is why nearly World Chess Champion in the history of the game has frequently played the Ruy Lopez – the vastly important subtleties behind every move and plan!

This is why chess trainers almost always recommend their rising students to play the Ruy Lopez – to develop a finely tuned intuition that senses the changing demands, both positional and tactical, of every move in every position. If you want to take your game to the next level, truly learning and grasping the concepts of the Ruy Lopez is a critical step in the process.

I put a great stake in the Ruy Lopez: I like it, feel it, and understand it¨ – 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov

Grandmaster Leonid KritzThis 2 volume chess DVD set presents over 5.5 hours of elite grandmaster content, presented by experienced chess trainer GM Leonid Kritz.

Rocking the Ruy Lopez opening examines all of the main lines of the Ruy Lopez as well as every sideline and rare gambit that you could encounter with the white pieces. After watching this chess DVD, you will develop a much higher understanding of general positional chess.

Your results will skyrocket, not only in the Ruy Lopez but in any opening – because you will truly comprehend how to combine long-term strategy with the immediate tactical demands of the position.

With over a decade of impressive tournament success with the Ruy Lopez, GM Kritz is very proud to present his extensive knowledge of this complicated opening system.

Grandmaster Kritz is quick to emphasize that “Studying the Spanish Game is crucial not only for your opening repertoire but much more for your general chess education!”

The Ruy Lopez occupied a constant place in my opening repertoire. In it is reflected the classical interpretation of the problem of the center ¨ – 7th World Champion Vassily Smyslov


1. Arkhangelsk Variation
2. Open Spanish
3. Anti-Marshall Attack
4. Marshall Attack with d3


1. Zaitsev Variation
2. Breyer Variation
3. Chigorin 9…Na5-10…d5
4. Graf Variation
5. Chigorin Side Lines
6. Chigorin Main Line

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