The Power of Tactics: Volume 1

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Tactics According to Smyslov is the first book of the Power of Tactics trilogy by GM Adrian Mikhalchishin and IM Tadej Sakelsek.

The Power of Tactics: Chess Puzzle Volume 1
The Power of Tactics: Volume 1 Front Cover

Recently many great chess puzzle books have been published, but this book is a bit different from the others. The authors have used a unique, and at the same time, simple model for the classification of tactical elements.

They explore this most important feature of chess through the eyes of a great champion, Vassily Smyslov. His ideas about tactics will make studying the different aspects of this subject much easier.

The Power of Tactics: Volume 1
The Power of Tactics: Volume 1 Full Cover

This book is ideal for all players with a rating up to 1600. You will find enjoyment while solving the chess puzzles and improving your calculation.

Who is GM Adrian Mikhalchishin?

Adrian Mikahlchishin is a Ukrainian chess grandmaster, acclaimed chess author and expert FIDE coach.

His students have included Anatoly Karpov, Susan Polgar, Vassily Ivanchuk and Alexander Beliavsky.

He now brings his world-class experience to teach you the crucial elements of chess tactics.

Power of Tactics brings you a meticulously chosen set of puzzles to make you go from intermediate and advanced all the way to master level. This book is a gold mine for planning your tactics.

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