Positional Play Secrets with GM Ibro Saric

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Positional Play Secrets With Gm Ibro SaricPositional Play Secrets with GM Ibro Saric

Positional Play Secrets With Gm Ibro Saric

What makes the difference between a regular club player, and those who go on to become chess masters? Grandmaster Ibro Saric has used his years of experience to answer this crucial question, and has come up with a number of “sweet spots” that make all the difference…

Now GM Saric reveals those well-kept secrets in this 10-hour, 20-chapter course, showing you how to win with the 9 elements of advanced positional play. This is a course for players in the 1200-1800 Elo range looking to reach 2000-2200 Elo and beyond..

About the Author:

Ibro Saric is an International Grandmaster from Bosnia & Herzegovina. He is a professional chess player and coach – teaching chess for many years. GM Saric believes that the most important thing is to develop the right way of chess thinking, focusing on typical positions, middlegame plans, and pawn structures. His favorite quote is “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee. He perfectly translates it into his playing and teaching style to make sure his students can and will apply all the theory into practice.

How is this course going to help me?

When asked what skill or knowledge is usually lacking in club players, and the main reason that prevents them from propelling to chess mastery, GM Saric’s answer was quick and clear: positional play.

Why does positional play stop club player’s progress?

Too many players hold themselves back by ignoring the positional side of the game. They make excuses like “I’m a tactical player” or “I just launch an attack and play from there”.

These players soon find that tactics and attacks aren’t always available… As Fischer said, “tactics flow from a superior position”.

The truth is… tactics are the finishing blow, the positional play gets you the winning set-up in the first place.

If you’re finding attacks hard to come by against stronger players, if you find more games ending in blocked or symmetrical positions, it’s time to learn the advanced secrets of positional play. You’ll learn about all these crucial chess concepts in a practical way:

  • Positional Play Secrets With Gm Ibro SaricIsolated pawn. That uncomfortable situation when your or your rival’s Queen’s pawn has no support from any adjacent pawn, well fear no more! GM Saric will show you how to play with and against the IQP.
  • Hanging pawns. A term coined by the great Steinitz, this pawn formation has strengths and weaknesses that will be thoroughly covered in this course.
  • Backward pawns. A pawn placed behind it’s neighboring pawns that can’t be protected by another pawn.
  • Doubled Pawns. Two pawns on the same file can sometimes can be helpful, but most of the time it is a weakness – discover how to spot the difference.
  • Space advantage. One of the key aspects of positional chess is to learn how to exploit a space advantage.
  • Prophylactic thinking. What do you do when there is no way to improve your position without messing up everything? GM Saric will teach you how to develop prophylactic thinking and wait until your opponent reveals his cards.

And that’s not all…

  • Strength in weakness. Let your opponents give you “weaknesses” like the isolated pawn… then blow them off the board with your higher knowledge of the hidden strengths of these positions! (Basically a high-level, long-term positional trap!)
  • Disarmament. One of Karpov’s favorite plans was to suck the life out of one of his opponent’s pieces, leaving it like an unarmed man in a gunfight. Offside knights, bad bishops, trapped rooks… Ibro Saric reveals strategies like Karpov’s Ba7!! in chapter 15.
  • Space-time continuum. Many openings give you an early space advantage (French, Caro-Kann, KID…) but how do you take advantage? Black’s setup is usually solid and early attacks are doomed to fail. Ibro gives you a step-by-step plan for optimizing your pieces, piling on the pressure and ultimately striking a hammer blow without allowing your rival time for any counterplay.

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10 hours

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Content outline

Chapter list:

  • Introduction to Positional Chess
  • Isolated Pawn
  • Hanging Pawns
  • Backward Pawns
  • Doubled Pawns
  • Passed Pawn
  • Space Advantage
  • Open Files
  • Bad pieces
  • Strong Squares
  • Prophylactic Thinking