Positional Chess – IM Valeri Lilov

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Positional chess is how to maneuver to weaken the opponent’s position. Knowledge of the foundation of tactical chess is the root of good positional play. Smyslov, Botvinnik, Jose Capablanca, Tigran Petrosian were all practitioners.

Content: 3.5 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 5 lectures.

Recommended for: Intermediate Players.

Users rated this series: 4.14 out of 5

Chess Fans have said: Really excellent. It helps a great deal to be reminded of the importance of not “pushing it”, and instead to focus on increasing an advantage bit by bit while keeping a keen eye on the opponent’s counter-chances. Last night I almost lost a game this way! Fortunately, he was less alert than I in the end! Also, I really liked that you stressed the importance of waiting for “the strike” to appear of it’s own accord, rather than trying to force it. Very good practical advice that I will bear in mind for my next tournament game!

IM Valeri Lilov is a young chess talent from the small European country of Bulgaria. He currently resides in Varna, Bulgaria and works hard in the field of practical chess and chess pedagogy. In 2000 in Moscow, Russia, he became the European Individual School Chess Champion U10 with the record result of 6,5 out of 7. In 2005 he made a record in the history of Bulgarian chess by achieving 32 wins in a row from national championships, which included two magnificent victories in simuls against the top Bulgarian grandmasters – Veselin Topalov and Kiril Georgiev. In 2008 he became a FIDE master and also achieved two IM norms as well as a new highest ELO rating of 2443! In 2012 he became a International Master.


* Positional vs. Tactical Play
* Positional Feeling
* Positional Chess – Effective Pieces
* Positional Tension in Chess
* Positional Play – Outlines

* Positional Chess – Transformation
* Positional Chess – Maneuvering
* Positional Chess – Positional
* Positional Chess – Bad Pieces

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